Growing up I was always quite athletic and enjoyed playing sports. When I was little I did ballet, then we moved to Vancouver where in the summer I would play baseball and in winter I would ice-skate. Then we moved to Brisbane and I did everything from swimming and netball to tennis and touch football. I gave up on the team sports in year 9 and instead started going to a gym.

I’ve always had weight issues ever since I hit puberty and in recent years I’ve struggled quite a bit with having good skin and maintaining my health. Weight has always been an issue in my family, starting with my Grandma, then onto my mum and eventually I inherited the bad weight gene. I eat really healthy and I try to exercise when I can (went to the gym 3 times this week, quite proud). But sometimes, when my eczema is playing up, I often neglect the gym in favour of treating and looking after my skin. Sweat and eczema do not go hand in hand, and as such my body gets the negative impacts of this. This especially becomes a huge problem in the warm and humid summer months.

Luckily for me though, it’s now winter and so the cooler weather is helping my skin and I’m managing to get to the gym more often without my skin being affected. Plus it’s my 21st this year (and all my friends) so I’m trying to lose weight. I would ideally love to lose 10kg in the next 3 months but I highly doubt that’ll happen.

Anyone else struggle with maintaining the two or am I all alone?


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