Unfortunately I still have not got my results back from the allergy test! I went to the hospital a few weeks ago and he said I need to leave it a few more weeks before I can get my results because it takes time to conduct the tests. So I should be going at some point this week to get my results, which I’m actually looking forward to!

Also, I’ve been following a gluten & wheat free diet for the past week or so and my flare ups are already so much more rare! I still get little ones and little patches that flare up, but no where as bad as they were getting! My skin was starting to get as bad as it used to in a flare, as if the tablets were wearing off, which they may be because my immune system might be getting used to them. BUT, the diet is going well so far, but gluten takes a reaaaally long time to get out of the body so I need to keep following this diet for a month or two and see the outcome 🙂 but even if my results do say that I’m allergy free I will still go on with the diet because it’s obviously making a difference!
I can shower easily now with no fear of pain or discomfort and I go out so much more now, even just for a walk and I don’t care if people look at me (unless my face has gone red from the exercise, which is embarrassing!) So I’m getting along well so far and I’ll post on here when I FINALLY get my results, hopefully it will put an end to all this ‘food doesn’t make eczema worse’ story because I’m obviously proving it wrong 🙂

Hope everyone’s doing well 🙂
Bye guys x


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