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And now, for your viewing pleasure, an old film!

This film, produced by Disney in 1946 and underwritten by Kotex, was shown in elementary schools into the sixties in the U.S.  Listen to hear the wonders of becoming a woman and what that old lining does every month.

I’m not sure if this film was shown in England.  Do tell, my friends across the sea. Did any of you see this movie or another movie about getting your period?


Barbara Younger

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2 Responses to A Blast from Your Menstruation Past

  1. This is fantastic! Never seen it in the UK. A delightful piece of historical educational material. Thanks for sharing it with us. Where do you find these little gems!!

  2. A friend sent me the U-tube link. I have another one coming up in a few days. I think they’re fascinating. Back then they were so worried about exercise and changes in water temperature!

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