In the years when cavemen roamed the earth, survival was based on knowing the appropriate response when confronted with a predator.

If, while out hunting, you rounded a corner and came across a sabre-toothed tiger, you had 3 choices for survival: fight, flight, freeze.

These 3 responses are based on first a physiological response but it needs to be instant so that response could not be triggered by conscious thought. It had to come from the subconscious. Whichever choice, your heart would start racing, adrenaline would pump through your body, palms would sweat and breath would shorten.

Do these sound familiar?

We may not have sabre-toothed tigers around much these days (I hope) but our subconscious is still trying to protect us in the same way as it’s always done. Except now it uses a modern equivalent of a sabre-toothed tiger to trigger the response. Dealing with social situations, presenting to an audience, even making a phone call can all trigger a response if we perceive that as a risk.

The advantage of having a physical response first is that if we address those physical effects, then our brain becomes convinced that there is no longer anything to worry about and stands down from its high state of alert.

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy approaches, I have developed a YouTube video that will help you cope with any heighted negative emotional state – from panic attacks to anger.

I hope watching this makes a positive difference to your life.




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