After the usual hunt for pyjamas for MIB that are the right size, 100% cotton and not extortionate in price, I was really pleased to find a two pair pack in the supermarket.

I usually find it so hard to find something as simple as cotton pyjamas.  So many shops sell what would be 100% cotton if they didn’t sew some pointless picture on the front which they then cover on the reverse with a nylon/polyester lining.  I have found in the past, out of frustration, that cutting out the lining is usually the best idea.  The sewing is actually less of an irritant to MIB than the polyester lining.

Anyway, the ones I found were in Sainsbury of all places.  They are 100% cotton, apart from trims (there are small buttons on one top).  The trim is actually a good thing in this case as they cling more to the wrists and ankles, which prevent (but don’t stop!) him pulling them up for a good scratch.

The pictures are printed on, so no pesky sewing or linings.  The two pairs mix and match nicely and they are a nice texture and incredibly cuddly.  So far, they get a big thumbs up from us.


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