Hello my loves, I’m Kim Woodburn. You probably know me best for my cleaning expertise and time on Channel Four’s “How Clean is Your House” and ITV’s “I’m a Celebrity”. I’m well known for not using nasty chemicals and instead opting for gentle ingredients such as baking soda and vinegar. That’s what makes my cleaning tips so much kinder to sensitive skin and also kinder to the environment in comparison to traditional harsh cleaning products. The lovely people at talkhealth have kindly given me my own blog here on the site so I can regularly share with you my gentle, yet effective cleaning tips. I hope you enjoy my first blog and become a regular reader!Kim Woodburn

This month I’m going to share five of my eco-friendly and gentle cleaning tips:

1) So for those of you who have little ones, you probably notice that their soft toys can become grubby really quickly. If the toys have just a slight odour on them but are not dirty, place them in a pillow case and sprinkle in quite a bit of bicarbonate of soda. Shake the pillowcase vigorously. This is best done outside. Remove the soft toys and bang them against your hand to remove the excess bicarbonate of soda. A thorough brushing should follow and hey presto they will smell lovely and clean.

2) I’ve come across many people in my time whose skin has been sensitive to laundry detergent. Most people think that you have to buy expensive detergents full of harsh chemicals in order to get clothes clean!  You absolutely don’t. Gentle products such as the ecoegg laundry egg (which uses a combination of mineral pellets to clean your clothes and replaces detergent and softener) are proven to be as effective as detergent whilst also being kind to skin. It’s approved by Allergy UK and supported by the National Eczema Society; and I love it so much, I put my name on every box. It has got the Kim seal of approval! All you have to do is pop it in the washing machine drum with your clothes and press start! Simple.

3) Here’s a great tip for cleaning windows. Make a weak solution in warm water, one pint of water to an eighth of a pint of white vinegar. Use the cheapest brand you can find. It is important to know if any smears are inside or out. Wipe the windows horizontally on one side with the solution using a lint free cloth and then wipe vertically on the other side. Loosely ruffle up some newspaper and buff up the windows; again vertical on one side and horizontal on the other side. If you have smears you will be able to see immediately on which side of the glass they are located. The smears will be horizontal or vertical.

4) When cleaning leather shoes, (this works best on black, dark brown or dark navy leather, not on light shoes) peel a banana and rub the inside of the skin on the shoes. The shoes will clean up beautifully and have a nice shine. Buff with a lint free cloth for a great finish. You can of course eat the actual banana and compost the skin when you’re done, meaning no waste!

5) Glass vases or decanters- those horrible marks which you cannot reach can be removed by filling the container up to where the bad marks are, with white vinegar. Pour in a handful of white dry rice. Cover the mouth of the vase with Cling Film. Swirl the mixture around. Wait for the rice to expand so that it fills the whole of the stained area. Keep swirling until the stains are gone. Rinse the vase and dry it out. Rinse the decanter and use a hairdryer set to “cool” and place the nozzle two inches from the neck of the decanter and blow the air into it. This will eventually dry the decanter.

I hope you found the first of my guest blogs useful, I’d love to hear how you get on with my cleaning tips. Until next time my loves, Kim x

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2 Responses to Kim Woodburn’s first blog

  1. Maria Antonia

    Hi Kim! I use to watch you programs here in Brazil and I’d like your help to remove some stains from the windows of my house,the marks are hard since I rented a house for 1 year and they didn’t use to clean after take a shower ,the marks are white and the glasses are dark grey.Please help me.Thanks and God bless you…Maria Antonia

  2. Riki

    Thank you for sharing these useful tips with us Kim, i have a little one and could use the (pillow case and sprinkle in quite a bit of bicarbonate of soda) i’ll have to give it a try.

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