rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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Why does my knee hurt when I run?


The success of the London 2012 Olympics has had a huge impact upon society including the greater participation in sporting activities. This is a truly vital legacy and we must seek to pervade this healthy mindset to all corners of … Continue reading


Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (JHS) Part 2: What can we do?


Joint hypermobility syndrome (JHS) is commonly seen in my clinics, either as a feature observed or as a problem in itself – see previous blog. Commonly people desecribe pain, poor spatial awareness (so-called clumsiness), flat-footedness, problems with walking and controlling movement. … Continue reading


Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (JHS) Part 1 – what are the problems?


I see many people who are hypermobile, in other words, are able to move certain joints through a greater range. But what is normal? With so many being able to do this including some of the best known athletes, what … Continue reading


Middlesex University psychology expert tips on dealing with Stoptober



The Government’s national Stoptober campaign starts on Monday, which is a 28 day challenge aimed at stopping people smoking. Middlesex University psychology expert Mark Coulson argues that smokers must remember that smoking is a dependency as well as an addiction. … Continue reading


Thoughts on recognising what are signs of distress and indicators of comfort in those we care for with dementia


Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always. Hippocrates It’s an interesting concept to consider distress and comfort as something we may be able to measure to produce specific interventions and better care outcomes for those we care for. It is difficult … Continue reading


How do we improve access to psychological therapies?


Simon Lawton Smith, Head of Policy at the Mental Health Foundation: “A report from the London School of Economics (LSE) published in June (1) says the NHS in England is failing millions of adults and hundreds of thousands of children … Continue reading


The Patient Patient


Last time I wrote on this blog I was in the middle of one of the worst flare ups I’ve had in a decade. I explained that it was largely due to stress and my despair at being unable to … Continue reading


Means the world to me


Over the years I have been humbled by the goodness shown to me from many clients. Their gratitude always makes me feel a little shy though, and only a conduit to their inner strength to overcome one of the most … Continue reading


Department of Health launches dementia awareness campaign


The Department of Health, in collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Society has launched a brand new campaign aimed at helping to assist with early diagnosis of dementia. The campaign was launched last week to coincide with World Alzheimer’s Day (September 21). … Continue reading


101 Ways to Prevent Asthma, Allergies, Eczema and Hayfever


Okay, if you got here because you think I’m going to offer you advice on how to prevent anything, I’m not. The title is entirely facetious. If you’ve read my blog, you know that I don’t believe in cures for … Continue reading


My First Blog!


Hello everyone! I’m Cookie MonStar and I’m really pleased to have been asked by Deborah from talkhealth to start blogging! So as this is my first blog I thought I’d start by introducing myself and telling you a bit about … Continue reading


A Guest Post – Anorexia and Anxiety


Anorexia Nervosa: An Anxiety Disorder with a Specific Set of Rules? Okay, so the awesome Charlotte has invited me to write a blog post related to the title above. Some of you may have previously read my own blog: ‘Extra … Continue reading


Cancer Warning for Women who like a Glass of Wine or Three


They are the problem drinkers missed by government efforts to curb alcohol misuse – women, often middle-class and professional, who share a bottle of wine with a partner over dinner each night, putting their health at risk. Unnoticed because they … Continue reading




How much sleep do you get? Not getting enough sleep isn’t good.Requiring too much sleep can be just as bad…either way something could be wrong with your health. Sleep has ALWAYS been one of my favorite pastimes,as a teen, I … Continue reading


Need Tips To Get Rid Of Acne? Try These!


Acne breakouts can make you feel depressed and worthless. Stop allowing acne to dictate how you live your life. If you follow the tips in this article, you will be on your way to clear and beautiful skin. By following … Continue reading


QV Helps Eczema Sufferers During National Eczema Week


This year’s National Eczema Week, raising awareness of the skin condition, takes place from 15 –23 September 2012 and has the theme ‘Fighting For An Eczema Free Future’. Eczema is a dry skin condition that comes in many different forms, … Continue reading


Never underestimate the affect of pain in people living with dementia


I have recently been working with two residents in our care homes that have been showing signs of agitation and distress.  Working closely with their GPs in reviewing their treatments, we have considered the part pain may be playing in … Continue reading


Acknowledgement For Harrogate Sanctuary


Baroness Newlove Queen Elizabeth II Attends The State Opening Of Parliament

I received this encouraging email from Baroness Newlove today, and with support like this, we will fight on with our aims to liberate women from the strangle hold of alcohol addiction. Dear Sarah, I am very grateful to you for … Continue reading


New survey aims to reveal if acne is part of growing up or a cause of silent misery for millions


A new survey has been launched this week by the British Skin Foundation (BSF) which looks at the impact that acne has on sufferers in the UK. The national skin disease research charity is keen to uncover the scale of … Continue reading


Almost at goal weight


It’s been a very long time since I blogged. As you will know, I had been struggling to lose the weight and it had taken me over 6 months to lose around 10 pounds. In July a major turning point … Continue reading


A quiet few weeks


So, I’ve not really had anything to blog about, eczema-wise, for a few weeks. I’ve been trying out various skincare products over on my main blog and not even those have really interfered with my skin. In fact, I even … Continue reading


A, B, C’s: An Appreciation


An alphabet poem, written by me, in honor of Back to School: Lines and squiggles, Made twenty-six ways, Turn into words, Before our gaze. Hooray for the alphabet! Do you remember when you first learned your A, B, C’s? I … Continue reading


Why you should step outside.


There is more to health than eating right and exercising. To be truly healthy you should have feelings of wellbeing, positivity and happiness with your life. If you have read my blog you will know how often I exhort getting … Continue reading


Young Dementia


Dementia is currently high on both the political and the news agendas, with an estimated 800,000 people in the UK thought to have the condition.  The Prime Minister launched his ‘Dementia Challenge’ back in March and popular figures such as … Continue reading


Getting My Teeth into Europe – The Better Oral Health European Oral Platform


World Oral Health Day, European Parliament, in Brussels, BDHF

I was fortunate enough to recently attend the Better Oral Health European Platform – Are we taking enough care of our teeth? The case for a European oral health policy. This also launched The State of Oral Health in Europe … Continue reading


Your choice


Sometimes, when things get a bit tough, it is easy to forget that we have a choice. We have a choice about where and how we die. With a diagnosis of terminal illness, we are given plenty of time to … Continue reading


Slow down to speed up weight loss


When you’re trying to lose weight you want to do it quickly so the last thing you need to hear from me is that you need to slow down. But in the end slowing down really will help speed up … Continue reading


Alcohol Is Never Top of the Government Agenda


Now smokers are going to be encouraged in October, to give up en mass. According to some Government Tsar, we are all herd/pack animals so will find it much easier to be texted by some smoking cessation team to egg … Continue reading


Pharmacists can make changes to prescriptions


The Human Medicine Regulations 2012 came into force on 14 August 2012. The regulations have introduced some policy changes, amongst which is the following: ‘the Regulations consolidate provisions enabling a pharmacist, if in the exercise of their professional skill and … Continue reading


Atopic Girl’s Weekend Off!


Being an “atopic” girl doesn’t mean that I just think about allergies and atopy all day long. Honestly, I don’t think about it all that much. Labour Day weekend was a great example of how I integrate the fact that … Continue reading


Safe and Healthy Ways To Lose Weight


Losing weight is something many people struggle with over the years because they have a hard time finding a diet that works for them. Using the tips provided you should be able to get to a healthy weight you can … Continue reading


That nagging feeling


I visited my mother in her care home today and the nagging feeling of have we done enough resurfaced once again.  Whilst having lost the ability to speak for quite a while my mother does make sounds and grunts to … Continue reading


Back pain in football and sport


Back pain is a common experience across society. Millions are spent each year on treatment yet we do not seem to be making any significant progress in tackling this vast problem. Undoubtedly footballers are also subject to spinal aches and … Continue reading


Another hamstring injury, but how serious is it?


The hamstring injury is one of football’s blights, affecting so many of our best known players. The latest is Andy Carroll who sustained the injury yesterday in his first game at West Ham – read here. The extent of the injury will … Continue reading




I call myself the Crazy Thyroid Lady because my mother instilled in me the ability to turn the tables on those who bully me. “Don’t let them see they are getting to you”, she would say. As my disease evolved, … Continue reading


Toxic Chemicals found in Scented Laundry Products


Violet's Magic UNSCENTED Laundry Powder

I was interested in a University of Washington study of top-selling laundry products which found they emitted dozens of different chemicals. All six products tested, including dryer sheets, fabric softeners and detergents, gave off at least one chemical regulated as … Continue reading




Hi, my name is Paige and I am 16 years old. This blog is for anyone but especially for teenagers because I know that having eczema is hard enough let alone having it whilst going through teenage problems! So, a … Continue reading


It’s My Ovaries Stupid!!!


Well, the ups and downs of my hormones over the last few weeks have given me alot of food for thought.  My ‘bible’ as such has to be the above book ‘it’s my ovaries stupid’ by Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD.  … Continue reading