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It’s been a very long time since I blogged. As you will know, I had been struggling to lose the weight and it had taken me over 6 months to lose around 10 pounds.

In July a major turning point in a relationship changed all that. Since July I have steadily lost weight and in total have now lost 24 pounds. I actually feel great and really happy with myself. Losing weight has given me back another level of confidence I realise I’d lost.

The goal now is to lose another 7 pounds and then maintain things there …. I think this is going to be the hardest part by far.

To date I’ve not really built in an exercise programme within each week and I think this is something I now need to do. Carrying the extra weight was causing all sorts of problems with my knees. But since the weight has come off I’ve almost forgotten I have knee problems! Yesterday I went for a very brisk walk along the canal and country lanes with my friend for around 45 mins. We stopped for coffee, then walked for another 15 mins. It was great. I’m also considering taking up another sport – something that’s kind to my knees – for example badminton or swimming.

And one of the best bits is I need to buy a new wardrobe … what more could a girl want!



Hi - I am Deborah, Founding Director and part of the talkhealth team. My blog is generally focused around my own personal story about weight loss, running, exercise and generally trying to get and stay fit, as well as what's been in the news that's topical. Any views expressed are my own.

3 Responses to Almost at goal weight

  1. Wanda

    Congratulations Deborah. I’m sure most readers would agree but we love to see before and after photos.

  2. Cara

    Hi Deborah,

    Did you reach your goal for your sisters wedding?

  3. Thank you Wanda. I’ll see what I can do re photos!!

    Hi Cara – nice to hear from you. I more or less got there for my sister’s wedding which was fantastic. Hope you are well and life’s good.

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