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Hello fellow Thyroidians!

My lifelong dream was to write a book, and now, after a year working on a topic so close to me (and you) it is now a reality!

My book Wow your Mom Really is Crazy was released on October 17th, and is now available in hardback, paperback, and Kindle at this link: Wow Your Mom Really is Crazy
I really want to thank all of you who have purchased the book, and recommended it to others. I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled (and humbled) I am by the response I have received thus far.

My goal in writing the book has always been to help others struggling with any autoimmune disease, and I encourage all the feedback you can give me.

Here are some of the comments I have received to date:

Maria said: Reading your book! Make me laugh and cry. You have totally described my experience with Graves. Thank you!

Aly said: I bought the Kindle version and started reading it… loved it so much after just a few chapters I went to Amazon and bought the paperback for my family! It’s so difficult to educate ourselves and our family when most books about this disease are boring and dry. Thank you so much for writing a book people will actually enjoy reading about a subject that isn’t so fun!

Michelle said: I LOVE your four Ps.

Helena said: I have to add, I finished the book last night! And yes, despite my lack of concentration I enjoyed it so much I stuck with it and the next thing I’d finished – so it must be good! I particularly related to the alcohol bit, which I’ve realised I have been doing more and more so it was amazing to get an answer to that as I realised that was exactly what I was doing. There were so many bits I was like, ooooh yes, that’s me too. I thought I was going crazy but after reading this feel like a new person and am much more relaxed about things! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Keep up the good work! 🙂

Amy said: Started reading your book! Found myself laughing out loud because I can relate to many of your experiences. I can laugh now because now I know I am not going insane! A few years ago I was not so sure! Thanks for sharing your story!
Anonymous (from the UK) said: This IS the book for anyone suffering from autoimmune disorders. I laughed, cried, and really found myself connecting with the author… She does a great job of using blending humor with real life situations, and has plenty of what I found to be very useful tips. This is NOT a book just filled with data and boring medical jargon about thyroid and autoimmune information. This is a self- help book that journals the authors plight into a 10 year search for answers. The information is well documented, but it was the humor and personal touch I enjoyed most. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that has, or knows someone suffering from these types of illnesses. I was informed, motivated, inspired, and totally ENTERTAINED while reading this quickly paced book!

Gina said: Just got your book on my Kindle, literally 3 mins ago. So far, great job!!!!! I’m laughing and sympathizing with everything, I haven’t laughed so hard in awhile GREAT WORK

New York Times said: Imaginative, Captivating, Brilliant…, tee hee Just Kidding (a girl can dream)

PS: I have my first interview with a local newspaper on Monday. Doing my best to spread thyroid disease awareness as best I can. Love you!

Crazy Thyroid Lady

Oh and PPS if you’ve read and liked the book please do me a fav and leave a review on Amazon. Reviews on Amazon are really really important. Thanks



Carol Gray is a former model, published writer, blogger and thyroid advocate. She has a B.S. in marketing and business administration. Carol was diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid disease in 2006 that almost incapacitated her, since then she has been fighting her way back to wellness. Carol hopes to soon release her first book Wow Your Mom Really is Crazy about her struggles and triumphs over thyroid disease.

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  1. That is fantastic that you acheieved your dream and made your goal a reality, congratulations you should be very proud 🙂 well done

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