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The armpit is the area in the human body located beneath the joint that connects the arm and the shoulder. For most people, the armpit is the most ticklish part of their body. Another inherent characteristic of our armpit is that it contains sweat glands which are responsible for the production of underarm sweat. In this article, we will talk about the relationship between armpit acne and underarm sweat.

Although the armpit is one area of our body which is not immediately seen by other people, underarm hygiene must not be neglected. Ample attention must be given into underarm hygiene in order to prevent armpit acne or underarm pimples from coming to life.

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Acnes are red bumps that crop up on one’s underarm. Oftentimes, these are caused by bacteria and bodily oils which arise due to a variety of reasons such as the kind of clothing a person wears, the frequency of shaving, and the “Causes of Sweating”

The quality of clothing that we put on our bodies has a big effect with regards to the accumulation of bacteria in the underarm area. Putting on a shirt that has not yet gone through the laundry will serve as a conducive environment for bacteria to grow. Also, it is important to consider the quality of detergent you are using as low-quality detergents may also contribute to bacterial growth. Therefore, before you put on your shirt, makes sure that it has already been washed well.

Underarm shaving is a popular practice among women due to aesthetic reasons. But a growing number of men are engaging themselves in this practice as well. Before you become too involved with the practice of shaving your underarms, be forewarned that underarm shaving can directly cause armpit acne. Whenever you shave your underarms, chances are a hair’s pointed tip will push back down into your skin allowing bacteria to enter the hair follicles and thereby producing armpit acne.  The more you shave, the more you expose yourself to the risk of developing armpit acne.

Our underarms have sweat glands which allow them to produce sweat. Whenever our underarms sweat, it automatically becomes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria to grow and multiply. An accumulation of bacteria in our underarms would clog the pores on the surface and result to the birth of armpit acne. Bacterial growth happens in direct correlation with underarm sweating, meaning the more you sweat, the more bacteria are growing in your underarms. The more bacteria present, the higher possibility of you growing armpit acne/s.

It’s true that one cannot directly control the intensity of his underarm sweating. So, does this also mean that nothing can be done about armpit acne? No! In fact, there are a lot of ways for one to treat armpit acne. The most popular treatment options are the application of creams and regular washing. Depending on the cause of your armpit acne, you may choose the first option, the second option, or both of them. For people who have armpit acne due to sweating, it will best for them to regularly wash the sweat off their underarms. Such a practice would not only help them get rid of armpit acne, more importantly, it would also help them prevent the growth of bacteria which would lead to the growth of armpit acne in the future.

In this fast-paced world we live in, we tend to disregard proper hygiene in exchange for prioritizing our careers and life goals. However, in the face of all our priorities, we must never neglect taking care of our bodies and looking after our hygiene. Our underarms, though hidden, remain to be a precious part of our body. Thus, it is only but proper for us to extend the best care possible towards it to prevent it from becoming a breeding ground of bacteria because at the end of the day, the state of our underarms will have implications towards our health, overall hygiene, and quality of life.


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  2. Zia Mansour

    I am glad that you appreciated application of creams and regular washing. It is obvious that armpit sweat can in certain situations surealsy steal the whole selfconfidence. I personally tried numeroius methods in order to solve that issue. And once upon a time I came across zeromarks. Initially I was very sceptical towards that stuff. I put to the inside of my shirt and waited eagerly for results. My prejudices turned out to be totally groundless. The paper pad was extremely comfortable. For this reason I did not even feel it. I don’t worry about sweat marks anymore and – what is important – my clothes are in spotless condition.

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    armpit sweat marks are the worst thing ever especially when I need to attend a meeting. Glad you posted this. it’s very informative!

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    Thank you very much for this post.

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    I really am not a sweaty person i never sweat through my clothing unless I work out I shower twice a day and talc my arms still does no good only when I get out in the sun or swim in the sea it seems to go

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