Recently something really weird happened to me. It’s never happened before and it was slightly unnerving for someone who has had their fair share of anaphylactic allergic reactions.

With allergies to all nuts, dairy, tomatoes and celery I am a dab hand at avoiding allergens when eating out. I always speak to the chef before eating and am always very careful what I order.

I tend to stick with the simple things Steak, salads or Ham, egg and chips.

This evening was no different. I plumped for my special favourite, ham, egg and chips and this was very good ham, egg and chips. The eggs were ducks and poached and the ham was cooked at the pub. Very yummy.

It was all washed down with a few pints of proper cider. Now it was hot in the pub. I noticed that I felt a bit hot, but that was all.

When I visited the ladies before leaving I noticed that the reason I was hot was because it was BRIGHT RED and not just my face, buy my whole body, hands, feet, the lot.

Had I been like this all evening? My friends said they didn’t really notice and to be fair, it wasn’t that light, mood lighting is all the rage. I also often have red skin which they ignore; you get used to it when your friend has eczema I suppose.

But my eczema had been really good so when I got home I was standing in front of the mirror and thinking, is this the start of something?

I took an antihistamine, drank plenty of water and sat down quietly watching a late episode of Family Guy. I think that helped. Took my mind of my lobster face anyway.

All I felt was VERY HOT and flushed. Not like a normal allergic reaction which is far more unpleasant and painful. So what caused this strange phenomenon? I posted it on my blog Facebook page and the insuing discussion generated over 30 comments which is pretty impressive.

Many suggestions came up from cross contamination, wheat flour on the chips (I do have an intolerance to wheat which I don’t mention because there are too many others to list), the eggs (again an intolerance but I hadn’t been overdoing my egg quota) or had the ham been cured in milk derivatives?

Noooooooo, not my beloved safe ham now potentially containing dairy… I know nothing about ham curing so this is something I will have to look into.

Or was it the beginnings of the dreaded hot flush time of life. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Anyone else had this? Wish I’d taken a photo now – I looked as red as lobster, just like I was sunburnt.


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