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Well you can be the judge of that …

I last blogged back in September with a vague and half-hearted plan of how I was going to lose that extra 7 pounds or so. Since then nothing much has changed as I still need to lose that weight and had not, until this weekend, come up with a plan of how I was going to do that.

But I now have plan – some might say a crazy plan, but a plan at least.

19 weeks to go!!

A vague conversation with my partner about how I had completed two half marathons in 2004, and when I say ‘vague’ I mean vague, led to him entering us both into a half marathon in March 2013 whilst I was away seeing relatives! He’s an impulsive ‘doer’, working very much on gut feelings, and whilst I am also a ‘doer’ it takes me a little more time to psych myself up to commit to certain things, with a half marathon being one of those ‘certain things’. In my head I’d already decided I’d like to take up my running again and enter for another half marathon; which is a good job I had really!

So, we have 19 weeks to go …. and currently putting a training and eating plan together which so far consists of 2 x shortish runs per week and 1-2 longer runs on a Saturday/Sunday, no alcohol during the week, no cakes, biscuits or naughty foods and lots of healthy stuff to eat.

I plan to buy 2 x knee supports (those of you who have read my blogs before know I have weak knees) and go to a specialist sports shop in Farnham so we can have our feet scanned/measured before investing in new trainers.

Then Wednesday around 5.30am sees the first run. I know it will be tough and I will really not enjoy the first few runs, but I also know how rewarding and fulfilling it is to run once the routine kicks in and the positive benefits it brings. It gives me that extra energy/feel good factor to take the rest of what life throws at me head on.

We are also going to raise money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, as my partner’s brother sadly died of Leukaemia aged only 51. In due course I will post a link to a page where sponosorship pledges can be made.

In the meantime, wish me good luck for Wednesday morning (I’m going to need it!!), and I’ll report back regularly as the training gets underway!



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