I do actually talk quite a lot. You would never guess though would you? I mean, I’ve been almost Trappist in my approach to this blog and I am actually quite ashamed tbh because I really like talkhealth and now I’ve met them, the talkhealth Ladies, oooo yes, they’re very nice. I met them on Saturday at the Mumsnet Blogfest.

And I got to thinking. Why haven’t I blogged very much on this site? I blog elsewhere. Why not here? And the only conclusion I could come up with was I can’t deal with having PD as a central theme in my life. Becasue it’s not. And that’s good.

Priorities are family, fun and friends, and that’s as it should be. PD isnt a central theme. it’s a bit player, lurking in the wings, jumping out every now and again. but it doesnt have headline status. No.

and that realisation is worth a post. No?


4 Responses to Come fly with me

  1. Stitch, it was really lovely to meet you too at the Mumsnet Blogfest.

    Totally understand that PD must not become central to your life. But your blogs are inspirational and amusing, and I’m sure provide hope for those who read them.

    Looking forward to your next blog when you are ready to talk ‘health’ stuff for a few moments.

  2. oh dont worry, i cant keep quiet for too long!

  3. Hi Stitch,

    I love your blog(s). And can totally appreciate how difficult it must be to talk about your Parkinson?s whilst trying to get on with the rest of your life.

    I’d love you to get in touch with me to discuss some areas you might like to blog about. Perhaps you’d prefer to talk about the positive action people affected by Parkinson’s and charities such as Parkinson’s UK are taking to raise awareness of the condition and raise funds towards a cure? Feel free to email me at brand@parkinsons.org.uk

    Best wishes,

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