My latest blog makes no apology for challenging the system -so often it is that very system which challenges care delivery and not the will of the carers or the health professionals.

All too often the flow of information is slow, the reaction lag time too great and individuals are caught in the gap.

This week I met with a CPN  to discuss this issue, like everyone he is overstretched and under resourced. Interestingly we discussed what were reasonable expectations of their service in relation to our residents and managing behaviours? On paper this may be easy to define, the reality is somewhat different.

Ironically last night I revisited this vey issue in a very practical sense.

With one very special gentleman of ours in mind who the staff none of whom are clinicians have been trying to manage through a very difficult period, I would argue any support would haven be helpful. All too often care home staff are faced with a crisis situation and support is sparse or difficult to access, they are just as let down by the system as the person in need.

In care health care staff are often perceived as under skilled in being able to deal with individuals that have greater needs especially when related to manifestation of behaviours, however I can refute this having last night (this is not the first time) witnessed care at its best, the devotion of staff to making a resident who was clearly distressed more comfortable and settled with whatever means they had.

There is a drive to early diagnosis as an enabling mechanism for people with dementia and their families, sadly unless there is a system to support them there may be more gaps than services. For me there is an urgent need to reassess service delivery at every step of the Journey people make with this condition. Last night I was reminded once again of these amazing people- our residents, their families and care givers who often quietly climb the mountain of the
system they are caught in every day.


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