There’s no more fitting a time than the weeks running up to Christmas, to highlight the concerns about alcohol misuse, particularly in the workplace, warns workplace health and wellbeing organisation, Health@Work.

Alcohol misuse over the festive season

Health@Work regularly works with organisations to get their workforce thinking about their alcohol intake and how it effects their performance both in and out of work.

Health@Work Senior Consultant, Kevin Yip, said: “Alcohol misuse is a major issue in the UK, but businesses can play a big role in reducing the problem.

“It is in the interests of employers to tackle this problem, particularly as some 17 million working days are lost annually in England every year due to alcohol related sickness.”

“By tackling the problem businesses can reduce absence rates, improve productivity and staff morale, which will directly affect the bottom line.

“Businesses can work with staff to identify people with potential problems early on and refer them to where they can find support to help overcome alcohol issues.”

In addition to offering free information and advice, Health@Work offers a variety of resources and techniques for business and individuals, such as their alcohol audits, unit calculator and drink diaries.

Health@Work also works in partnership with Liverpool PCT, offering Workplace Wellbeing Charter status to Liverpool businesses. This focuses on helping businesses improve seven key areas – alcohol and substance misuse, leadership, sickness and absence management, smoking, mental health and stress, healthy eating and physical activity.

Health@Work is encouraging anyone concerned about their own drinking habits or those of employees or colleagues to contact them direct via 0151 236 6608, for free, confidential advice.

For further information or to complete the alcohol audit online, please visit: or



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