A few weeks ago, I flew to Paris with my good friends Judy Brown and Lisa Flinn. Here is an observation, a basically happy one for us older types, from my visit to the Musee Rodin:

The Musee Rodin houses the sculptor’s works, including The Thinker and The Kiss.

But this menopausal museum goer was especially struck by the work of another sculptor, also part of the Musee Rodin’s magnificent collection:  The work of Camille Claudel.

In The Mature Age (1900), Claudel sculpted her grief.

The young one in a love triangle, she lost out, in the end, after  indiscretion, anger, and heartbreak, to Rodin’s much longer and older love, Rose Beuret.

Lesson learned:

Parfois, vieilles amours l’emporte sur tout.

Sometimes, old love trumps all.

The Young One: Camille Claudel

The Older One: Rose Beuret

And the subject of so much feminine admiration:

Auguste Rodin





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