Well I don’t have cancer and the organs they removed from me were cancer free too which is the most fantastic news.

So why do I feel a bit low and unhappy?

Surgical menopause, that’s why.

I had my ovaries removed during the operation (the ovaries are responsible for the production of hormones which cause PMDD) and this means that I was thrown into menopause overnight.

I have started my HRT again but it takes a while for the blood levels to even out and due to previous reactions to HRT, I have to take it slowly. It’s a fine balancing act which I am only too happy to spend some time doing, but in the meantime, my body is crying out for oestrogen. I am having hot flushes, headaches, night sweats, joint pain and extreme tiredness which are all well known menopausal symptoms. I am also having mood swings (swinging between happy, sad, angry and more, rapid style) which is all down to hormonal imbalances. It seems unfair that I have spent my life suffering because of the hormones that my body produced and now I am suffering because of the hormones I am putting back in to try and have a healthy life.

I need oestrogen to protect my bones and heart as I have gone through the menopause at a young age. Swings and roundabouts. Every time I catch myself feeling low I try and turn my thoughts into happy ones but I’m finding it hard as I am still tired from the surgery.

I also may be overdoing it slightly due to the time of year.

I LOVE Christmas. I love everything about it and have been getting ready for months for it. So I am going to go and try and cheer up and enjoy this special season. I will be back in the new year to continue my blog and now that the operation is over and done with, I’ll try and get back to the original subject, PMDD.

In the meantime, all that’s left for me to say is Merry Christmas and I wish you all the very best for a happy and healthy new year.


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