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A few weeks ago I was captivated by the beauty of the fog outside. The misty cloud-like blanket covering trees, streets and structures made that morning drive into work a pleasant one.

On the elevator, I joked with someone that it looks like my brain isn’t the only thing foggy this Monday morning. We both laughed.

But then when I sat at my desk staring at the computer for ten minutes trying to remember passwords, what I was supposed to do for the day and who I needed to call…I thought to myself, this is not a laughing matter.

I hate brain fog!

And just like outdoor fog, (sometimes visibility is 10 miles and sometimes a few feet) there are varying degrees of brain fog.

If you’ve read my book,  Wow Your Mom Really is Crazy you know of my Googling habits, so, trying to understand fog and how it works both meteorologically and cerebrally… I took to the internet.

Fog is made up of condensed water droplets which are the result of air being cooled where it can no longer hold the water vapor it contains. –Source


(Umm…This is where it gets foggy)…I couldn’t find a good explanation as to what exactly is going on in the brain during brain fog. IS THERE A SCIENTIST IN THE HOUSE?

But I did find causes – Here are five common causes of brain fog

1. Hormonal imbalance
2. Dehydration
3. Diseases
4. Food or Chemical allergies
5. Drugs

We throw the term Brain Fog around, however it is not technically a diagnosis or a medical term used by doctors. This is unfortunate because chronic or severe brain fog can produce a wide range of issues anywhere from immense personal insecurities to dangerous situations causing bodily harm. I’m sure it costs businesses billions of dollars globally due to unproductivity. (I am still trying to remember my work password).

Here are five key techniques to help with brain fog.

1. Eat a healthy diet-The brain needs a lot of nutrients to function properly.

2. Get adequate rest.

3. Stay on your doctor-If your quality of life is affected by brain fog, don’t settle for this.

4. Stay hydrated-Drink the recommended 8-10 glasses of water per day.

5. Exercise-Exercise increases the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the brain.

Good luck, here’s hoping the only time you experience fog is when it is weather related.

The Crazy Thyroid Lady

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Carol Gray is a former model, published writer, blogger and thyroid advocate. She has a B.S. in marketing and business administration. Carol was diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid disease in 2006 that almost incapacitated her, since then she has been fighting her way back to wellness. Carol hopes to soon release her first book Wow Your Mom Really is Crazy about her struggles and triumphs over thyroid disease.

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