Those are some pretty serious words from menopause guru Christiane Northrup.



Let’s choose GROW!

Not like our waistlines  or our to-do-lists.

But our minds.

Our souls.

Our sense of self.

Our generous spirits.

Our creative actions.

Our whimsical and comfortable confidence.

When my daughter Laura was baptized, my mom took a picture with a flash.

I knew our pastor HATED cameras in church.

From my place at the baptismal font, I gave Mom the look, a real glower.

Twenty-seven years ago, when I fussed at her after church, she declared, “I’m the grandmother. I can do things like that.”

Now I’m a grandmother, admiring my mother’s spunk.

In menopause, one way I hope to grow, is to NOT be afraid of the glower,of getting, every now and then, the look.

What about you?  What are your growing plans?



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