rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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Don’t sweat the small stuff


I have changed. I used to be a worry-pot. I used to get annoyed at the slightest thing. I could get in a real temper. But that was before Mom became ill and died. It was a life-changing event. I … Continue reading


New year, new diets and new exercise regimes at talkhealth


Are you exercising or dieting this January?

Practically everyone I speak to is on a diet or exercise regime of some sort! And probably most of you reading this are too! At talkhealth we are all either watching our weight or trying to get fit. At the … Continue reading


Healthy Body: from a Dental Care Professional’s perspective


Have you ever heard the expression, “Your mouth is a mirror of your insides”? For some people there is strong evidence to suggest that the above statement may be true and that visible problems in the oral cavity could possibly … Continue reading


Water dries skin


Understanding how moisturizers work means they can be used effectively. Last week there was a flurry of interest stirred up by the publication of the results of an experiment investigating the function of the “prune” effect on skin caused by … Continue reading


A Mirror Fast! Could You? Would You?



The idea of mirror fasting has hit the blogosphere! Here’s an article in the New York Times giving you the reflective scoop: I probably need  a chocolate fast more than a mirror fast, but the concept of NOT looking … Continue reading


Lose weight with a fork?


Struggling to lose weight after Christmas – trying yet another new diet? Well fear not because an intrepid engineer may have the answer.  It is the first digital fork to help users “eat slowly for better health” and will be … Continue reading


Apres La Holiday Willpower and Menopausal Weight Gain



My daughter Laura, the school psychologist,  gave me this treat-eating holiday advice, based on recent psychological studies: When you use self-control to resist treats, you reinforce your ability to use willpower.  So each time you make a healthy choice, you increase your chances … Continue reading


New year weight loss & exercise


New year weight loss and exercise

Happy New Year. Well I’m 10 weeks away from the half marathon …. yikes! And so far the furthest I’ve run is 3.6 miles so I have a a lot to do in a very short time-frame. I only went … Continue reading


What to do with too much cake?


As a family, we’re not so easy to accommodate for food if you’re not used to catering for allergies.  Unfortunately dairy and eggs are so prevalent that label reading is essential.  For someone not initiated into the world of scrutinising … Continue reading


Crisis intervention and atopic eczema



  Life transitions, like leaving high school and starting college, and transitions in t, like birthdays, and the start of a new year, are sometimes seen psychologically as “crises”. They are cross-roads, and can be times of heightened awareness, and … Continue reading


Habit reversal for passive pessimism


“Behaviour” commonly means what we see people doing. As a behaviour modification technique, habit reversal can be used to tackle nail biting, thumb sucking or scratching that have become troublesome habits. Habits start as conscious behaviours associated with specific triggers. … Continue reading


Do You Have A Hormone Imbalance?


Women really only have two hormones to worry about for the majority of their health issues: they are oestrogen and progesterone and they dominate our lives from puberty to menopause. We take for granted that they can cause us havoc, … Continue reading


I’ll take the high road; you take the low road.


My psoriasis has so far, this winter, stayed in remission and for that I am very grateful. But I have found myself thinking back to the times its been bad and reactions people have had to it. Aside from the … Continue reading


How will you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions? Read some top tips to beat the odds


Almost 1 in 10 (9%) New Year’s resolutions last at least 6 months but almost 4 in 10 (39%) will be over in 2 weeks. More than 4 in 10 (45%) say lack of willpower is to blame for why … Continue reading


A Poem with Numbers and Letters for the New Year



  Brand new year With the number 13 Making the superstitious Uneasy. If I squish your 13 together, I get a B A Bold letter B. A Bubbly letter B A Brilliant letter B. Make the Best of us, 2013, … Continue reading