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Practically everyone I speak to is on a diet or exercise regime of some sort! And probably most of you reading this are too!

Are you exercising or dieting this January?

Are you exercising or dieting this January?

At talkhealth we are all either watching our weight or trying to get fit. At the moment Karen and I are doing the “2 days a week only eating 500 calories per day” diet (as featured in last week’s Sunday Times), Catriona is doing her usual days of eating just toast, and Alison now has muscles she didn’t realise she had having changed her exercise programme!

Actually, I’m quite impressed that we are at the end of January and we are still quite focussed on our health and fitness …. let’s just hope it lasts!

Are you on a diet or new exercise regime? We would be keen to hear your stories.

Happy dieting / exercising ….. until next time.



Hi - I am Deborah, Founding Director and part of the talkhealth team. My blog is generally focused around my own personal story about weight loss, running, exercise and generally trying to get and stay fit, as well as what's been in the news that's topical. Any views expressed are my own.

2 Responses to New year, new diets and new exercise regimes at talkhealth

  1. Mark Mark

    Its good to hear your still on the exercise and health kick Deb!

    My goal for this year is to beat my time of last years Great South Run.

  2. Thanks Mark. Did a lovely run last night after work – only 3.6 miles but really did clear my fuzzy head (trying to stave off a throat infection) and was so glad I made the effort. So what time did you do in the Great South Run? How far is it?

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