rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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Stress and Life



“Stress is the spice of life” Hans Selye (1980) It was Walter Cannon (1871-1945) who first described the physiological fight-or-flight response to a threatening situation. The term stress was introduced by Hans Selye (1907-1982). Stress in small doses has an … Continue reading


Cold sores and memory skills linked


cold sores (herpes simplex) virus and dementia link

Whilst reading the Mail Online this week an article about cold sores grabbed my attention. If, like me, you suffer with cold sores, you may be suprised to know researchers have discovered you may have an increased risk of impaired … Continue reading


Help! I’m allergic to my BlackBerry!



Nickel is one of the most common contact allergens, affecting 17 percent of women and 3 percent of men. According to a study presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), nickel … Continue reading


Surely people don’t die from a toothache?


Dental examination in Tanzania

Written by Mark Topley Dying from simple dental decay might seem impossible, but on the eve of World Oral Health Day Mark Topley points out that – in some parts of the world – it is all too common. I run … Continue reading


34 Menopause Symptoms: A Favorite Website


34 Symptoms

When I was in the middle of menopausal madness, this was my favorite website. Here is the link, loud and clear, for you to click: 34 Menopause Symptoms I’d have something funky going on. Could this be menopause? I’d jump onto … Continue reading


American study confirms people benefit from osteopathy treatment for lower back pain


Osteopathy treatment for  lower back pain

A recent report from the USA states that people with low back pain may benefit from a hands-on treatment known as osteopathic manual therapy (OMT) more than they do from ultrasound therapy. The study published in Annals of Family Medicine … Continue reading


Help me! What is he allergic to???


Right, a few weeks back I got a call from MyItchyBoy’s nursery.  I was told that he had a red eye, that it possibly looked a bit swollen.  They were concerned enough to call, weren’t sure what had happened.  They … Continue reading


Solving the Sleep Issue



For a while now, MyItchyBoy has had trouble sleeping. That is to say, he has no trouble sleeping when he’s asleep and is settling as well as can be expected from a procrastinating genius that all 4 year olds are. … Continue reading


Men – Brush up to keep it up


Severe gum disease in men more than doubles their risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction, according to a new study. In the study more than half (53 per cent) of men had severe gum disease in the group with erectile … Continue reading




Many Health Clubs offer a range of exercise classes these days and often members are put off by the thought of trying something new. The thought of not knowing what the class will involve or being unable to “keep up” are two main reasons … Continue reading


The Menopause Bunny–NOT!


Henrietta Bunny

Since Mrs. Claus has taken an interest in menopause. And since there are Menopause Pumpkins. And since you can buy a Magic Guilt-free Holiday Wand. I thought, perhaps, there might be  a Menopause Bunny to help women out, especially in the springtime. So I … Continue reading


Adult Atopic Eczema


As an adult sufferer of severe chronic eczema it’s often hard to feel accepted and to know that other people are suffering the exact same thing due to the fact that most people’s view of eczema is only from knowing … Continue reading


The most important job of my life


Written by Rhonda Brantley You’ve heard about Alzheimer’s and dementia for years, but never suspected it would creep into your own home. Much like cancer, a house fire or losing your life savings, we just don’t anticipate bad things happening to us. Those … Continue reading


Generally the risk for transmitting HCV to sex partners is very low”


“Generally the risk for transmitting HCV to sex partners is very low”

There have been conflicting reports regarding the risk hep C transmiaaion through sexual activity. The virus is primarily spread by exposure to infected blood, usually through intravenous drug use. A new study suggests that patients with hep C have little to fear from sex … Continue reading


Mother of the Bride Update: Wedding Arms!


Pink Weight

Nine and a half more weeks until my daughter Laura’s wedding. Yikes! And my MOB dress is SLEEVELESS. Like Meg Tipper, I’m wondering how my arms will look. Shiny pink hand weights weren’t enough to inspire me to pump those arms… Until … Continue reading


Goals and how to set them


The most annoying thing about doing something new, is that you can’t do it straight away. It’s a bit like when you decide you want to learn French. You trot along to your evening class, and, in the first class, … Continue reading




Colic is something I am often asked about. It is a rather enigmatic condition, by which I mean that a lot is still not known.  However parents whose baby has had colic, knows exactly what it means – crying – … Continue reading


Update on my half marathon


Charity Fleet Half Marathon Team

Well, yesterday was the day. My partner and I ran the Fleet Half Marathon. It was hard going …. the weather was awful …. torrential down pours over an undulating course. I should have finished in around 2 hours 11 … Continue reading


Adding weight to your workout part 3 – The back


Important muscles to exercise as we age are the upper back muscles to prevent that hunched over look where the chest muscles are too tight and the upper back muscles are weak. Exercises that don’t use any equipment to work … Continue reading


The FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2013 shortlist is announced!



Almost 80 products from over 50 skincare manufacturers have made the shortlist of the second annual FreeFrom Skincare Awards, which has been announced today. Five brands lead the way with three shortlisted products each – Barefoot Botanicals, Botanicals, Green People, … Continue reading


London takes its place among healthcare innovation elite cities of the world


Downing Street

Jeremy Hunt launches London Centre of Innovation Excellence and new app library to help people live well. The UK’s worldwide reputation for innovation in healthcare will be sealed today as Jeremy Hunt launches London’s new centre of innovation excellence established … Continue reading


5 days to go …


After 5 months of training from a standing start and struggling to run a mile, to having run 10.8 miles 3 weeks ago and a practice half marathon (13.1 miles) 2 weeks ago, I now know I can do it! … Continue reading


Finding the Humor in Dementia


Alzheimer’s disease is the pits.  Yet, even in the midst of all the pain, frustration and anger, there is sometimes the funny. Oh sure, the humor isn’t the hilarious, laugh-out-loud kind, but it certainly can make you smile or relieve … Continue reading


British consumers lead Europe in getting their “5 a day”



UK consumers (with internet access) are almost three times more likely than Europeans as a whole to consume at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, according to a new study from Nielsen, a leading global provider of … Continue reading


Mercy, the Menopause Angel


Menopause Angel

I’m Mercy! You might think I’m a guy by my short haircut, but it’s breezy up here in heaven, so I like the no worry feel of shorter hair. Well actually, there are no worries in heaven, but old habits die hard, … Continue reading


Alone! A Menopause Sometimes Craving


Alice Walker

Who’s interested in Alice’s very small hut?  A pleasant hut, basically bug free, and the small animal is a sweet one. Menopause, sometimes, causes us to crave alone time. Time for pondering and reflecting and time for calling up what … Continue reading


Government drive to help cut salt consumption by a quarter


Government drive to help cut salt consumption by a quarter

A major drive to help reduce the amount of salt we eat by a quarter, including by setting targets with food companies, has been launched today by Public Health Minister Anna Soubry. Research figures show that more than half the … Continue reading


Antimicrobial resistance poses ‘catastrophic threat’, says Chief Medical Officer


Antimicrobial resistance poses 'catastrophic threat', says Chief Medical Officer

Global action is needed to tackle the catastrophic threat of antimicrobial resistance, which in 20 years could see any one of us dying following minor surgery, England’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies said today. The stark warning comes … Continue reading


Food scares – time to think about every ingredient in every bite


In the wake of the recent revelations about horse meat finding its way into the food chain, it is not surprising to see that the supermarkets are releasing sales figures that show that our shopping behaviour has changed already. For … Continue reading


Talking to the family about Alzheimer’s


Many people are afraid to talk about mental health. In many ways, it is one of the last great taboos in modern society. But talking is very important. When a loved one begins to lose their mental faculties, they may … Continue reading


Talking to friends & family about hepatitis C


hepatitis c news

When diagnosed with hep C it might be tempting right now to withdraw from interacting with family and friends. However, research has shown that the support of friends and family is vital – don’t underestimate the value of simply having someone … Continue reading


Exercising with an ICD


Research has shown that regular exercise and physical activity have numerous benefits for people fitted with an ICD. These include improving your heart and lung function, increasing life expectancy as well as boosting your confidence and energy levels. One of … Continue reading

Hello, I am an eczema sufferer



My name is Jenny and I have had eczema, asthma and hay fever since birth. I had been able to mostly manage my conditions by taking a steroid inhaler and applying hydrocortisone when it flared up. However it wasn’t until … Continue reading


An image of my son in war-time Britain


MIB with bag

MyItchyBoy is starting to grow up.  It’s true.  Apparently, they all do it…. For him, part of being more independent and responsible is looking after his skin and managing his allergies.  This is a lot of top of the normal … Continue reading


Eczema is bad for my health


And at the moment, it’s not even my eczema. I read the reports in the press earlier in the week about how all parents are pretty much screwed as a lack of sleep is apparently so bad for your health.  … Continue reading


Sleep is apparently great for you – if you can get it!



I am getting fed up with New Year! New You! magazine articles telling me that the secret to happiness, health, success is a good night’s sleep. Simple! Great! How??? The only suggestions they have on how to achieve this are … Continue reading


How To Stop Wetting Your Knickers & Start Enjoying Life Again


Really how can you ignore a headline like that when it seems that one in 4 women1 wet their knickers every time they sneeze, cough, exercise, laugh or dance? We women of a certain age have taken to buying Tena lady … Continue reading


Myrtle: A Love Story



When my mom was nine, her best friend Bona Lockwood gave her a panda for Christmas. Mom named the bear Myrtle. It’s not hard to guess, from her appearance, that Myrtle has led an exuberant life. Lots of love.  Plenty of adventures. Myrtle’s … Continue reading


The Happiest Girls



This statement by Audrey Hepburn took me in: I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. When we reach a certain age, we learn some things about happiness. That it’s up to us. That it’s ninety-some percent attitude. And … Continue reading


Work on extending Personal Health Budgets begins


Personal Health Budgets work begins

More people than ever before could benefit from personal health budgets under plans outlined today by Care and Support Minister, Norman Lamb. A consultation, launched today, will gather views on how personal health budgets should be rolled out across the … Continue reading


Wedding Dress Update: What a Time to Love a Dress!


Laura and Kitty

The dress shopping is finished!  At least for the wedding day. Rehearsal dinner dresses yet to be selected. I promise a Mother of the Bride dress update soon.  The wedding is June 1. Coming right up! Until then, in honor … Continue reading


Ever Green Menopausal You


Evergreen.  Since ancient times, a symbol of life in the midst of the cold of winter. Vibrancy.  Color. Renewal. For those of you who sometimes feel frozen with the sadness, nervousness, and grumpiness that menopausal moodiness can bring, take heart in … Continue reading