Pink Weight

Nine and a half more weeks until my daughter Laura’s wedding.


And my MOB dress is SLEEVELESS.

Like Meg Tipper, I’m wondering how my arms will look.

Shiny pink hand weights weren’t enough to inspire me to pump those arms…

Until I decided to indulge in one of my greatest vices: situation comedies from the 60s.

I cut myself a deal.

And it’s working!  (And most of the deals I cut with myself fail within two days.)

I’m allowed to watch the Dick van Dyke Show IF I lift weights while I watch.


Shout out to the Lauras!

Laura Younger, my daughter, for helping me select the dress.

Laura Petrie, my role model, for entertaining and inspiring me as I work on my Mother of the Bride bod.

Before you know it, I’m going to be escorted down the aisle with Laura Petrie arms.

Well maybe they won’t be Laura Petrie arms, but some of the jiggle really is gone.

images (4)

images (5)

What about you?

Any tips for keeping your arms in shape?

P.S.  I’m an American blogger. I’m wondering if my friends in England know the old Dick Van Dyke Show?  It was so popular here in the 60’s!


3 Responses to Mother of the Bride Update: Wedding Arms!

  1. Catriona Catriona

    We most certainly do remember it – but possibly not a good thing to admit to!

  2. Ha! Fun to know you watched AND remember the show!

  3. Annie Medara

    Ha! Definitely not a good thing to admin! I’m a plus size momma. I wore a soulmates dress found at a local boutique but i think they have a website too and it made me feel so confident though! I received so many compliments on it! So if any plus size mothers are out there maybe they should have a try.

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