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Well, yesterday was the day. My partner and I ran the Fleet Half Marathon.

It was hard going …. the weather was awful …. torrential down pours over an undulating course. I should have finished in around 2 hours 11 mins and failed miserably by coming in at 2 hours, 31 minutes. The same can be said for my partner who should have achieved a time of around 1 hours 55 mins and managed a very respectable 2 hours 10 mins. It’s safe to say we were both a little disappointed. However, we managed to raise around £700 for charity which is the most important thing.

Charity Fleet Half Marathon Team

Fleet Half Marathon TV Times/Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research Charity Team

I spent yesterday afternoon with very heavy legs, slumped on the sofa eating Maltesers and drinking pink champagne (having not had any alcohol for some weeks) and ended the day with a curry!

Mad as it seems, I have another goal having entered for the Basingstoke Half Marathon in October. So the new plan is to do lots of running in the rain, and lots of hills in prepration.



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3 Responses to Update on my half marathon

  1. What a fantastic achievement. The time isn’t everything. Well done!

  2. Nicki Johnston

    Soooooooooooo proud of you well done xxx

  3. Meg

    It was definitely a challenging day but I am sure you managed to reach your real goals. I am amazed by the amount you guys managed to raise. Hope you do better and have more fun on your next marathon event.

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