rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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Millions more protected against disease – improved vaccinations


Millions more people will be protected against disease by improvements to the UK’s world class immunisation schedule, announced today, including three vaccination programmes to protect against flu, shingles and diarrhoea. All children aged two – around 650,000 in total – … Continue reading




It’s been a very hectic week.  I’ve wanted to write sooner but my time has not been my own.  It has been hijacked by schools, teachers and therapists.  In order to give my children whatever they need I would gladly … Continue reading


The Only Family With Special Needs Kids in the Village?


I laughed every time Daffyd Thomas, played by Matt Lucas, appeared in episodes of Little Britain.  The infamous phrase ‘I’m the only gay in the village’ was born and delivered in hysterical, frustrated tones, highlighting those fragments of prejudice that … Continue reading


The Night Before the Launch of A Brief Moment in Time


The past three months have been a whirlwind. The buzz began three months ago, the minute I clicked send on my submission email to my publisher.  My manuscript was complete.  It had been edited and there was nothing else to … Continue reading


The Trapeze Artist


I loved going to the circus when I was a child.  It was thrilling sitting in the huge marquee, listening to the noise and watching what any child would consider to be death defying acts.   I still have cravings for … Continue reading


Autism Awareness Month: What Does it Mean to You?


April 1st.  A great day to start blogging for Mojomums.  I think back to the jokes I have played in honor of April Fool’s Day, the teasing, laughing and joking.  If you’re in the mood to play a prank on … Continue reading


ICDs and airport security


This information was provided by MHRA to ICDC Surrey for our patients, regarding the use of airport security body scanners and implanted electronic medical devices such as pacemakers, implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) and neurostimulators. During their travels air passengers will encounter … Continue reading


Be nice to yourself!


The weirdest thing about deciding to live a life more about wellness, is that it seems so much about denial. Think about new year resolutions – I’ll stop eating chocolate, I won’t eat potatoes, I’ll cut down on drinking,, I … Continue reading


Identify the hidden causes of childhood obesity says British Osteopathic Association


Obesity among British children aged between two and ten has risen since 1995 from 10.1 per cent to 13.9 per cent in 2011 and now 1.3 million children in the England are classed as obese.

Conducting a full structural body check and lifestyle history on over-weight people under 25 years old could reveal the real problems that are causing many of Britain’s youth to gain weight. The new public health watchdog, Health and Wellbeing at … Continue reading


Eczema Egg Challenge


So, did I mention, we can now give MyItchyBoy eggs? Well, when I say eggs, I mean we can bake cakes and buns and things and actually put real egg in.  Yes, real egg, from chickens.  It may sound like … Continue reading


How Do We Define Normal?


‘How come you decided to write a book?’  I have been asked. ‘Where on earth did you find the time?’  Many have quizzed. And ‘Thank you Deborah, thank you for sharing.’  I have been honoured to hear. To bare all, … Continue reading


Health Secretary to strengthen patient privacy on confidential data use


The Health Secretary today responded to the Caldicott Review, outlining how technology can have a transformational effect on healthcare. Responding to the Caldicott Review on information governance in health and social care, the Health Secretary outlined that information and technology … Continue reading


Top 10 medical conditions for travellers over the age of 50


When it comes to medical conditions declared by older travellers, the latest figures from Staysure, specialist insurers for the over-50s reveal that: High cholesterol, high blood pressure, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, asthma, heart attack and arthritis consistently top the list … Continue reading


A Skeptical Approach to Medicine – Part One : Supplements, Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (SCAM)


As readers of my posts here and also at my own blog (see link below) will know I am (amongst other things) a financial services professional operating in the private medical market and most decidedly not a clinician. However, I … Continue reading


Postpartum Mood Disorders


Postpartum depression itself is nothing new but the culture of support surrounding women who suffer from this disorder is. Until recently, many women didn’t feel comfortable opening up about their struggles with postpartum depression because it was often seen as … Continue reading


Honey for your hols?


mauka gel

 Not actually for tea, but as an amazing solution for a whole range of holiday hazards. This is not straight from the jar – too messy – but hose clever New Zealanders at Living Na