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It’s been a very hectic week.  I’ve wanted to write sooner but my time has not been my own.  It has been hijacked by schools, teachers and therapists.  In order to give my children whatever they need I would gladly buy more hours in the day if I was able to, but I have been forced to dispense with my already depleting energy levels by fighting my children’s corner once again.

As far as I am concerned, sleep is an overrated luxury.  Once you graduate to motherhood if you manage to get any, whether it means everyone is sleeping soundly or you have absolutely nothing on your mind to stress you out, then you’re a rarity.  I used to regard sleep deprivation as the worse form of torture.  Now I harbour resentment for being misinformed!

I think all births should come with a disclaimer;


‘Congratulations on the birth of your baby: Please note your sleeping privileges     have been removed.’


The hardest part for me is maintaining my patience levels…well always.  When I’m tired (all the time) I become easily frustrated and impatient.  Sometimes snappy, which quite frankly yes, it is normal and understandable but doesn’t make for calm, inviting family atmosphere at home.  Plus with two children with special needs to care for, patience is not a choice.  If I have any intention of encouraging them to develop and grow, then the most important ingredient in that equation is patience.

So, what to do?  I’m sleep deprived, I am continuously shouting and fighting those who don’t have patience and only see my children’s disabilities rather than their abilities and to top it all off, I don’t have a choice other than to finish such arguments and take a deep breath, turn to my children and say;


‘Yes darlings, I would love to bake cookies with you and don’t worry about the madness in the playroom, we’ll tidy up later.’

There is one word out there that is not overrated.  There is one word out there that really does do what the picture says it does on the packet.  There is only one word out there that makes me feel better than sleep…Chocolate.

Please forgive me whilst I take a momentary sigh….

I decided long ago never again to focus on the ‘hip and thigh’ issue.  As far as I’m concerned bums and tums were meant to be slightly wobbly; well in my case extremely so.  And if sinking into chunks of chocolate keeps my emotional state on an even keel well then it should be in a museum.

Many negative things have been said over the years about chocolate; the sugar, fat and of course the pressing ‘zit’ issue and I am certainly not refuting those claims.  They are extremely valid and yet they are what makes eating chocolate so much fun!  Half the excitement comes from the ‘Hah’ factor directed at your inner health concerns; I mean realistically come on, the chances of resolving your weight and cellulite issues is equivalent to their being world peace don’t you agree?

So next time you can’t think straight from tiredness and yes, the madness in the playroom is driving you crazy, take a moment to find your secret stash.  Whether you eating sitting or standing, with or without a coffee in hand, allocate just a moment of absolute bliss to your day and let me know how it feels.


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Deborah French

Deborah French, a 34-year-old market researcher turned stay-at-home mum, author and special-needs activist launched her first e-book in April 2013. The award winning e-book, A Brief Moment in Time is published by ASD Publishing Co. and tells of her personal journey of how her world was turned upside down when her daughter was born unexpectedly with Down’s syndrome. A year later her son aged just two, was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Now with her eldest two being 10 and 8, Deborah also has four year old twins.

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