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As of 30th April 2013, Public Health Wales has stated that the figure of the number of cases in the Swansea measles epidemic has now reached over 1000, but also added that about 5,000 youngsters in the area aged between 10 and 18 still need vaccinating.   A vaccination programme running in schools and hospitals has already vaccinated over 4,000 with the MMR jab in the last month alone.

Measles is highly contagious and can be quickly and easily passed around. Measles has a number of serious complications particularly in adults and at most severe can cause blindness and death.  Being fit and healthly does not preclude complications, with around 20% of reported measles cases having one or more complications.

This month’s talkhealth survey is all around understanding people’s awareness of childhood immunisation and this disease, and how serious it can be.

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