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Written by: Nadia Niazi

Research released today by dental aligner brand Invisalign suggests Brits should ditch the summer diet plan and invest in a ‘smile’ plan. The National Smile Month sponsor discovered it’s not wobbly body parts gnawing at a quarter of the nation’s confidence, but their crooked smiles – resoundingly beating concerns about bottoms, legs, hair and chests!

Summer romance

And if it’s romance you’re looking for this summer a cracking smile could be the secret to success, as research discovered that when it comes to attraction three quarters of Brits rated a person’s smile as important when first considering going on a date with them. Crooked teeth would put 26% of people off dating someone, a much bigger turnoff than wrinkles and 50% of people surveyed believe that straight teeth reflect how much pride you take in your overall personal hygiene.

Faking it on a date is also a big no-no, with genuine smiles (58%) rated as the top flirty signal we look out for to tell if someone’s interested in us, versus eye contact, sparking up a conversation or physical contact.

Personality and having a good sense of humour also rated highly in the attraction charts.

Getting ahead at work

Lack of confidence in our smiles could also be holding us back in our career, with 90% of Brits rating a sense of humour important to making human connection with colleagues – and its men that feel most comfortable instigating humour in the workplace (34%), whereas women tend to feel more comfortable using humorous ice breakers in their social lives (31%).

The survey also discovered that people with straight teeth and a great smile are seen as more successful (32%), wealthier (23%) and more likely to get a job (27%) than those with crooked teeth and a bad smile – suggesting perception is everything!

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