rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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Low FODMAP Wholesome Oatey Muffins


muffin 2

This recipe makes a large batch of mini muffins, which taste really rich and oatey – and are delicious warmed up before eating. They make a great high fibre low FODMAP breakfast treat.  You can add any fillings you like … Continue reading


Rules and Regulations



Authority – I have a bit of an issue with the rules and regulations that come with it. It is not that I am a rebel, or particularly badly behaved enough to need them, it is just that as soon … Continue reading


Low fat tandoori chicken – made with Low FODMAP spice masala! (contains lactose)



It is intensely frustrating following the Low FODMAP diet and visiting the supermarket and looking for an easy sauce or dry powder spice mix when lots of the sauces and spice mixes contain onion and garlic powder. How on earth … Continue reading


Half-way and happy!


So I’ve often written about goal setting, and the importance of choosing a short-term, achievable aim, so you have something really concrete to work for and achieve in not too much time at all. What I’ve been doing, as well as … Continue reading





Speedy post tonight as I have only just got home after a long day of loveliness at the stables! Speedy as I also wanted to share a few tips relating to weight loss…getting bigger weight losses whilst still following the … Continue reading


Health Governance Awards: Why We Need More Of These


Champions for Health Governance Awards

Health is wealth. I hate starting an article with a cliché, but this adage is appropriate. In a nutshell, it spells out a sobering reality: We spend a whole lot of money when we get sick. The government spends millions … Continue reading


Sell by – Past It!



Glastonbury is alive with festival goers this weekend. A friend – acquaintance maybe? – of ours is there, sharing his videos of drugs and rock’n’roll…it all looks like quite good fun really. Yet I have absolutely no desire to trudge … Continue reading


5 Treats for Allergic Kids


treats for allergic kids

Caveat first: These are a selection of pre-packed treats that MyItchyBoy enjoys without any adverse reactions.  This post in no way suggests that your child will be fine if they are allergic to any foods. As much as I like … Continue reading


My Super, Super Itchy Boy


We don’t usually get much sleep as it is but this last week or so has been harder than normal.  We have been struggling with MyItchyBoy’s itchy eczema a lot over the past few months as it is, but at … Continue reading


What my son’s eczema taught me about my own skincare


There are very few positives I can take from having a child with eczema, but learning about my own skin and how to treat and protect it has been one of them. We moved house last year and lost an … Continue reading





I haven’t laughed as much in a long time as I did when my Dad was telling me the story of his drive home from work last night. It was a beauty of a story and just highlighted something for … Continue reading


Major Day Out, Minor Surgery


I don’t know whether I’m coming or going at the moment and I’ve been meaning to write a post for ages, so I’ve finally grabbed myself some timeout to write… On Sunday 16th we were kindly invited to enjoy a … Continue reading


The P’s



There are lots of variations on the ‘P’s’. The five P’s – planning prevents piss poor performance; the six P’s – proper planning prevents piss poor performance; the seven P’s – proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance; the ten … Continue reading


Stress and University: Inseparable?


twitter picture

Image by: Anna Gutermuth Going off to university is the first adventure of adulthood for many. It is a major life change to strike out on this quest and go to a big city, leaving friends and family behind to … Continue reading


My date with a lamppost!



As it says on the tin really! I had an unfortunate meeting of minds this morning with a lamppost in a car park. My driving skills are disappearing quicker than my weight, and to think that I used to boast … Continue reading


Ways to Care for a Loved One With Dementia


Woman with her walking stick in the park

Individuals with dementia require more specialized care as their condition progresses. The disease affects various cognitive abilities of the brain.  The usual cause of dementia is ageing. However, medical conditions and injuries can also lead to progressive or static loss … Continue reading


DELICIOUS low FODMAP lemon polenta cake



Another dietitian off to have a baby means another event in the office with sweet treats. So that myself and coeliac colleagues could get involved, this was a great opportunity to try out a FODMAP friendly and gluten free cake … Continue reading


If you can only read 5 articles on IBS & FODMAP this month make sure they are these…….


Summary of useful IBS & FODMAP related articles & research via Twitter in the last month (May 2013) This is obviously not an extensive list…what you think I live on twitter?  But please use the comments to leave links to … Continue reading


Low FODMAP Pesto Gluten Free Pasta with Griddled Aubergine & Tomatoes


This colourful dish reminds me of traffic lights, and has so much flavour. The addition of pesto makes any pasta, gluten free or not, a delight. If you don’t like aubergine then courgette works just as well.  The pesto recipe is  at … Continue reading


Improving our oral health: the oral healthcare programme


Written by Louisa Rowntree Wrigley’s Extra is proud to, once again, be a Platinum sponsor of National Smile Month in 2013. Wrigley is committed to improving oral care understanding across the UK through its Oral Healthcare Programme which is why we work … Continue reading


I just miss the crunch!


cookies 002

In life I believe there are obstacles set out in front of us to challenge us and to make us a better person. One of those obstacles for me is the presence of crisps. I just like the crunch they … Continue reading


Crazy times…



Something my other half was talking abut earlier made me chuckle. He had the McDonalds app on his phone and complained that you could only add a few items to the ‘your meal’ section in order to work out the … Continue reading


UK workers knock 4 years off lives due to poor lifestyle


A new study has revealed that bad lifestyle choices are costing British employees over four years off their lives, making them unhealthy and old before their time. The first Britain’s Healthiest Company Index*, run by PruHealth, the health insurer and … Continue reading


Two-fifths of Britons sunburn on purpose to get ‘deeper’ tan


Two thirds of britons deliberately burn to try and get a deeper tan

Two-fifths of people (40%) say they burn their skin in the sun on purpose to ‘deepen’ a tan, according to new research by Macmillan Cancer Support1. This is despite the fact that getting a painful sunburn just once every two … Continue reading


Mindful Eating



The concept of mindful eating is an interesting one, especially in light of recent studies showing that our concentration when eating can have a huge impact upon how much we eat, and how we feel about that food. Susan Albers … Continue reading


M&S, Snickers and McDonalds



The work never ends – I know that my weight is going to be a constant battle. That might sound a little dramatic, yet I know that I have a real tough job on my hands. I battled guilt, aches, … Continue reading


Alligator Skin and Lovable Lyle, the Crocodile



I have a friend Gail just like Oprah has a friend Gayle. Their names are spelled differently, but they are the same kind of friends. They tell us stuff. Stuff we might not know about life and getting older. Gail … Continue reading


Adding flavour to Low FODMAP meals (Part 2)



Using up your herbs! If you’re new to the blog, we previously posted about adding flavour to FODMAP meals with herbs being a favourite of ours and an opportunity to get those green thumbs flexing.  If it has now got to … Continue reading


Summer’s here…



…but tomorrow parts of the country are due to have half a months worth of rain in three hours – so the arrival of summer is a bit like a damp fecking firework on 5th November – disappointing! I won’t … Continue reading


Feel the eczema and do it anyway


august 2009 038

Do you want to hear something really sad? This is what one woman told an All Party Parliamentary Group looking into the effects of skin disease on a person’s physical and psychological well-being – “I feel like I am disgusting. I feel … Continue reading


What Would YOU Change About Yourself?


Reblogged from The Redo You Project: We talk a lot about making positive changes in ourselves. We set some goals, make an attack plan, and then set it in motion. But one thing which seems to be difficult for a … Continue reading


Sniff ‘n’ Slim



I thought that I had pretty much seen and heard it all when it came to crazy weight loss solutions, but there is more it seems. ‘Diet Slimming Perfume’ – what a catchy product name! – is now apparently the … Continue reading


Antibiotics increase eczema risk in children


compléments alimentaires

Use of antibiotics in early life may increase the risk of developing eczema by up to 40 per cent, according to a new study in the British Journal of Dermatology. The research also found that each additional course of antibiotics … Continue reading


Final design of consistent nutritional labelling system given green light


New Food Labelling

People will now find it easier to make healthier choices about the food they eat with the new consistent front of pack nutritional label launched today by Public Health Minister Anna Soubry. This comes after research shows that people can … Continue reading


Alcohol is the anaesthesia by which we endure the operation of life – George Bernard Shaw


I have been wrestling with this post for some considerable time, I am getting fed up with it being in my drafts – hanging over me every time I look at my list. I promised Alex Gazzola that I would … Continue reading





I am not talking about dress labels here, but food labels instead. Various reports today of a breakthrough for the campaign against obesity are circulating and it is all down to the little red, amber and green indicators on the … Continue reading


Finally under 30st!



As it says on the tin, ‘finally under 30st’! How bloody happy was I when I stepped on the scales today and saw the numbers 29 – the rest was a blur, but it was 29st 13lbs – a loss … Continue reading


Know your stuff – the importance of self examination for testicular cancer


Dr Chowdhury explains about how to do a testicular self-examination

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer for men aged 15-49 in the UK[i], with cases having more than doubled in Britain since the mid-1970s[ii]. However, despite this for the vast majority of men – around 95% – testicular cancer is curable, and this rate … Continue reading


Hospitalised with Eczema Herpeticum


Sorry I’ve been rather quiet recently. I actually spent last week hospitalised with a sudden and extremely dangerous bout of Eczema Herpeticum and Periorbital Cellulitis. For those not in the know, EH is when the herpes simplex virus occurs, but … Continue reading


An insiders view of acne research?


I conducted my first research on acne in 1974 as a final year undergraduate.  At that time, I had mild facial acne, which would persist, although I didn’t know it then, until I became pregnant, aged 37, in 1990.  I’m … Continue reading


Food is a Love/Hate thing…


Food and feelings are so intertwined, its hard to be in control of one without first dealing with the other. Every culture I know has special foods for special occasions.  From wedding cakes, to christening cakes to birthday cakes.  Is … Continue reading


Menopause Blogs!


First Post

Above is the heading for my first post. Seems like yesterday! Today I’m pleased to report that Friend for the Ride was selected by Healthline as one of the best menopause blogs of 2013. I’m in fine company! Check out the … Continue reading


Dear Friend (sharing grief)


Dear Friend, I am so sorry to hear that your dear Dad has passed away. I know your pain. The sadness. The overwhelming emotion of dealing with the death of a loved one. Your Dad’s death has brought back memories … Continue reading


Size 16…



…not me…not yet anyway! Size 16 sparked a bit of a debate yesterday on Twitter and I thought it would be good to just keep on going and trample over the assumptions that a lot of people seemed to make … Continue reading


Birthday waxing!



Why on earth did I think that it would be a good idea to wax on my birthday? By wax, I mean remove my Mario-esque moustache and my beard hair, courtesy of PCOS. I have a meeting tomorrow you see, … Continue reading


Self care for Irritable Bowel Syndrome


As of last weekend the Self Care Plan for people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is free access for those people with the condition and for those who might feel their symptoms are down to IBS, but are unsure and … Continue reading


“I’ve lost more than you weigh, bitch!”



What do Subo and I have in common? Well, it goes something along the lines of the look that Simon Cowell and the audience gave when Susan Boyle stepped on stage, and the looks that I was given today by … Continue reading


Not-So-Glutton-Girl has a think about progress


Regular readers know that Mr GG and I are in the middle of what we’re lovingly calling the Parkman Paleo Challenge – a month-long step-up of what we’ve been doing in a slightly half-hearted fashion, namely crossfit and paleo eating. … Continue reading


Justice League Chemotherapy Bags for Children with Cancer


Justice League chemotherapy bags

Justice League chemotherapy bags are now available for children with cancer. It’s about time that superheroes gave sick kids a helping hand. Warner Bros., famous among comic book fans for their DC Comics legacy, recently partnered with A. C. Camargo … Continue reading


Skinny and beautiful…



…doesn’t mean that you get treated with respect! I was watching ‘Made in Chelsea’ the other night and it struck me that the lives and looks I used to covet are actually not all they are cracked up to be. … Continue reading


Chocolate – the way to a girls heart


On Wednesday morning Rosie finally (after four cancellations) had her cardio check-up to ensure everything was still as it should be post open heart surgery 21 months ago. As we arrived I took her to the play area thinking she’d … Continue reading


Fall in love with the feeling…



As I listened to Jessie Pavalka and Charlie Walduck chatting about health and fitness, the one comment that struck me was, ‘fall in love with the feeling, not the visual progress’…or something along those lines…I was so enraptured with Jessie … Continue reading


Eight top tips for terrific teeth


National Smile Month is the perfect opportunity for you to pay extra attention to the importance of oral health. With this in mind, Karen Coates, Dental Advisor at the British Dental Health Foundation, has eight top tips for terrific teeth. … Continue reading


Size matters!



My other half has just said, “If I was to offer you 11″, 13″ or 15″ would 15″ offend you?” He then followed this up by saying, “17″ is just too big!”…quite! Once I had stopped laughing – and yes, … Continue reading


Meh – weigh-in!



My hard work and effort has not been recognised by the ‘Lord of Lard’ or the ‘Goddess of Girth’ today and my 32nd birthday will have to be celebrated with me at over 30st instead of just under it! Oh … Continue reading


The Alzheimer’s Person and Baby Doll Therapy



Those of us who are Alzheimer’s caregivers are used to seeing abilities ebb away. My mom — whom we call Mummy — was once a highly social person who always had to stay busy. Cooking and baking were her passions, … Continue reading




Sean’s brain tumour was discovered in late Easter this year. It was diagnosed as a Pilomyxoid Astrocytoma, a low grade tumour. For those who don’t know what this means, I’ll explain. The World Health Organisation categorizes tumours as one of … Continue reading


Toss Our Bras Now?



Just looking at these packages is like stepping into the This Is Your Bra-Life Time Machine. Do you remember getting your first bra? The fabric. Figuring out how to adjust the straps. Hooking it. Were you the sort who spun … Continue reading


Our adventure into a salt cave


Trying a salt cave for eczema

We live not too far from a couple of salt therapy places, but have never actually been before. However, it has been a tough week or so for MyItchyBoy with his eczema and so I thought that it would be … Continue reading


The Parkman Paleo Challenge – week 1


So what has been really weird, is that this first week of being very serious about our efforts has been almost as hard as that first week in january, which indicates quite how much ‘cheating’ was probably going on. Lesson … Continue reading


Menopause Recap: Good Articles Spinning Around the Web



I wonder what Flemish painter Jacob Jordaens would think of the Internet. He painted this picture of Adam and Eve and the Tree of Knowledge back in the 17th century. Looks sort of like they are spinning the World Wide Web. … Continue reading


Topical steroids for atopic eczema


El C

  Despite the revolutionary benefit of topical steroids in the treatment of atopic eczema, they are often feared, and may be avoided or used only cautiously. They seem to be seen more as terrorists than freedom fighters. Understanding how they … Continue reading


Good news and bad news re cancer issued today.


      I’m sure you’ve heard the news today based on research by Macmillan  that by 2020 almost half of Britons will get cancer in their lifetime although 38% will not die from the disease. The growth in the … Continue reading


First blog about my weight loss


I’ve had weight issues my entire life. I was born and grew up in South Africa where it seems everyone I grew up with was tanned, fit and slim. I was the pale, chubby ginger kid who would rather curl … Continue reading


STI diagnoses hit 450,000 in England


STIs on the increase in the under 25s

According to Public Health England, diagnoses of sexually transmitted infections have risen to almost half a million in England in the last year with the highest rates of STIs in young people under the age of 25. This represents a … Continue reading


30 things I have learned in 30 days



So I did it…yay. My Whole 30 challenge, 30 days without dairy, sugar, processed foods, legumes, gluten and grains. A really strict diet to try and switch my body from being a “sugar” burner to a fat burner and clear … Continue reading


How to keep your teeth for life


BDHF Dental Infographic

Dental Implants Elmsleigh have starting to increase the awareness of the general public with their new graphic, ‘How To Keep Your Teeth For Life’. It’s a straight forward guide to all things teeth, giving you facts and tips on things … Continue reading


Sweden has been named ‘STI Capital’ of Europe


Britain comes 3rd in the top 10 European STI league

Britain comes third in the list of top European countries that sought STI treatment. SWEDEN has been named as the sexually transmitted infection (STI) hotspot of Europe by a leading online clinic. Data taken from more than 3,500 consultations for … Continue reading


Up! Down! Up! Down!


It’s been another busy couple of weeks here at The Future’s Rosie HQ! We’ve had half-term chaos and a jaunt down South to celebrate Budlington’s Uncle’s 40th – and celebrate we certainly did (ouch!) Lately I’ve enjoyed sitting back and … Continue reading


Government advert campaign about passive smoking


Government campaign about passive smoking on TV and online

People who smoke are being reminded of the dangers of passive smoking (second-hand smoke) in a Government advertising campaign  both via TV and online adverts. The latest research suggests that the NHS spends around £23m each year on children affected … Continue reading


Alzheimers leaves clues in blood


Blood test for Alzheimers

With approximately 75% of the estimated 36 million Alzheimer’s sufferers worldwide yet to receive a reliable diagnosis, the potential impact on the lives of possible sufferers, present and future, could be huge. Alzheimer’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease most frequently … Continue reading


Ibuprofen & increased heart rhythm


Link between Ibuprofen & increased risk of an irregular heart rhythm

Last week, as normal, I was woken up by my alarm/clock radio at bang on 6am, just in time to hear the news. The first story was about the use of Ibuprofen and the risk of increased heart problems … … Continue reading


Smile Success


Written by Dr Jane Butterworth We work as a close team priding ourselves in providing the highest standard of dental care. We maintain a strong preventative ethos, enabling patients to avoid future dental problems through a range of measures such as … Continue reading


The Parkman Paleo Challenge begins


The much anticipated Parkman Paleo Challenge kicked off today – 30 days of strict paleo, to give ourselves a bit of a kick-start and reinvigorate our efforts. Chris and I took weight and body fat measurements, and now won’t get … Continue reading