Dental Implants Elmsleigh have starting to increase the awareness of the general public with their new graphic, ‘How To Keep Your Teeth For Life’.

It’s a straight forward guide to all things teeth, giving you facts and tips on things such as which teeth do what job, what you should and shouldn’t eat and habits you should be practicing. For instance, cheese is not only a good source of calcium, it can also protect your teeth from acid wear.

To add to that, you must be careful when cleaning those canines as excessive brushing in the immediate area could result in gum damage. All of this and much more for your eyes and your mouth to discover.

BDHF Dental Infographic


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  1. Oral Botanica

    Great post for the awareness on the sugar intake. But keep in mind that even some of the ingredients on toothpastes shares the same effects of too much sugar intake. Modern studies shows that our household toothpaste contain ingredients that could be harmful to our oral health.

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