Are hot baths good or bad for people with eczema? All the advice points to avoiding hot baths at all costs and instead having cold or luke warm baths.

However in my experience a luke warm bath is a very poor consolation for a lovely hot one.

And on the contrary, I find a really hot bath, almost as hot as I can bear to get into, is actually much better for my skin that a colder one. Why?

I’m not sure.

Perhaps because my eczema is very much triggered by foods, so perhaps the heat of the bath makes my body sweat out the toxins it’s trying to rid itself of faster.

Maybe the sores that get infected heal quicker… Or does the hot water kill off bacteria on my skin that otherwise might take hold and leave nasty yellow infected bits which can then spread if you’re not careful.

Maybe it’s the tea tree oil I add to the bath that also helps. I add a few drops to aid healing.

Epsom salts or any salt in the bath can also help with healing and I find this really does work.

What I wanted to know was, do you avoid hot baths or find they really help your eczema skin?

Please, please be careful though, I would hate to make anyone’s skin worse for trying this and finding their skin was painful and they got really itchy. I’m just interested and intrigued to find out whether it’s just me.

I don’t find the hot bath makes me more itchy at all, maybe the pain of the hot water helps… who knows. Maybe I’m just weird.


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