First Post

Above is the heading for my first post.

Seems like yesterday!

Today I’m pleased to report that Friend for the Ride was selected by Healthline as one of the best menopause blogs of 2013.

I’m in fine company! Check out the other blogs here:

Health Blogs with Link

As the article states, “There’s more to menopause than moaning and groaning.  Take control of your health and your life during menopause by taking the time to pause and reflect on this important topic for women.”

Thanks to writer Robin Madell, who put the list together, and to all of you for your enthusiasm and support.



3 Responses to Menopause Blogs!

  1. Catriona Catriona

    Barbara – that’s fantastic – well done – you must be so pleased!

  2. Thanks! And thanks for your enthusiasm for my blog!

  3. Huge congratulations Barbara – well deserved.

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