This month I have ilumi and my friends to thank for an amazing alfesco dining experience; I had ilumi cardamom chicken with brown rice and they had fajitas.

Dee cooked the rice. All I had to do was snip open the pouch, pour it into a pan and heat.

Delicious. And instead of the normal comments you get about freefrom food like, “Shame you can’t have the sauce… or I would hate to eat dry roast dinner without the gravy… or “How do you cope having to cook every meal you eat?”

This time they were sniffing the air and saying, “Wow that curry smells good. Did that really come out of a pouch? So tell me more about this curry in a pouch.” They have now all got the ilumi bug.

And thanks to ilumi I don’t have to cook every meal I eat. More on camping with ilumi to follow.

Genius #GF eggy chilli bread with fried bacon

Genius #GF eggy chilli bread with fried bacon

But to top it off my friend Lou cooked me breakfast; Genius bread soaked in egg with chilli flakes.

Fry this eggy bread like you would normal eggy bread and serve with fried bacon.

Lou cooked this all for me in a separate pan with separate utensils. She has been reading my blog and learning well about allergy cross contamination. I do love my friends. :)

Possibly the best breakfast I’ve ever had, cooked by one of my best friends and so easy to make. (more chilli needed next time – the chilli bought specially for the dish went awol in the night. So who ate all the chilli?)

I say it was easy to make. I sat drinking hot black coffee with sugar (a few tequilas were consumed the previous night) while Lou cooked it for me.

Now that’s what friends are for. To make you feel really special just when you needed a boost.

Thank you Lou! Thank Jamie Oliver for the recipe. Thank you Genius for the bread and thank you ilumi for the curry. But most of all thanks to my lovely friends Lou, Dee, Fubes and Nikki.


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