The Ichthyosis Support Group (ISG) is a fantastic charity, genuinely helping to change people’s lives! Ichthyosis, pronounced Ick-thee-o-sis, is a term used to describe continual scaling of the skin. It comes from a Greek word “ichthys” which means fish although not all affected people have fish-like scales. It is quite rare and can be inherited (genetic or congenital) or develop later in life (acquired). The inherited forms of ichthyoses are usually evident at or soon after birth and they tend to persist throughout life although some types may improve slightly with age.

The ISG is a finalist in the National Lottery Awards for the UK’s favourite National Lottery funded project – and they need votes to win.

Ichthyosis Support Group

ISG is up for an award!

If you are wondering why vote, please watch the following video, and then vote at www.lotterygoodcauses.org.uk/project/ichthyosis-support-group

ISG could raise so much needed awareness of ichthyosis if they won! Please please vote and share amongst your organisations, members and friends, and on Facebook and Twitter – thank you!



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