Here is a solution to your itchy heat rash and hives. If you have sensitive skin, eczema or psoriasis the chances are that this hot weather can play havoc with your skin.

Whilst some sun exposure can be beneficial as long you don’t burn, too much heat and the skin can feel like it’s burning up, itching like mad and drive you insane.

It you suffer with heat rash staying cool can be a nightmare. Keeping a cool head could really help you to stay cool as a cucumber in this amazing hot summer we’re having.

I’m selling three white and three blue cooling baseball caps on ebay right now.

I bought these from the US years ago and have had them sitting in a box just going to waste so hopefully they will be helpful to some of you hot eczema skin people out there.

Buy white cooling baseball cap now on ebay

White Cooldanna cooling baseball cap now on ebay

  • Instant Ultra cooling relief
  • Simply soak in water and use
  • Wear like any other baseball cap
  • Attractive, comfortable design
  • One size fits all
  • Reusable, economical and effective
  • Perfect for keeping cool in any hot environment

Buy white cooling baseball cap now on ebay

This hat is also available in navy blue and one size fits all. I have three of each colour to get rid of so first come first served. Good luck!

Buy blue cooling baseball cap now on ebay here

Do you struggle to stay cool in this weather? Have you been plagued by itching and hives? What do you do to cool down? I do also have a Roshgo cooling face mask which I use when I’m having a a really bad allergic reaction. More to follow on that and where you can buy one.

Happy shopping ebayers.


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