Slimming World is fabulous as far as I am concerned…but there is a downside!

Aside from the increase in flatulence – which I actually don’t mind, as I think that a nice fart can be quite satisfying – the biggest issue I have are the vivid dreams. I have always been someone that can recall at least a couple of dreams each morning after waking. The other day I mentioned the dream in which I got shot for trying to intervene in a kidnapping, and the dream after this was the rock star who wanted to take me to bed…I think I am having delusions of being an all-round superstar babe!

However, some of my dreams are slightly more disturbing – these involve food. I have never really dreamt about food before, maybe due to the fact that my mind and body had been overloaded with the bloody stuff during my waking hours and so wanted a bit of an escape. Recently though, I have been having a number of food related dreams.

There have been dream occasions when I have been out for a meal and chosen the worst option on the menu – things like giant greasy burgers loaded with cheese and bacon and sauces, accompanied with piles of fries! I have found myself in situations where I have tried to make good choices but at the last minute have just had a ‘sod it’ moment and given in to temptation – giant bags of cheesy Doritos eaten, along with packets of peanut M&Ms!

Worse still, was the recent dream in which I tried to drown my sister for not giving me a pie. Yes – I attempted to drown my poor sister over a pie! In my dream, she was in charge of dishing out the chips that we had just bought from the chip shop. Anyone who has this job knows how fraught it can be – have you given everyone enough, have the kids got an equal amount, who is going to moan? But I bet none of you have ever thought that it would be a drowning matter! Back to the dream. For some reason, my sister was dishing out chips in the bathroom and she had a massive plate of chips smothered in curry sauce, whereas I only had a few chips. She then put a pie on her plate and this triggered a massive dream-tantrum from me. I argued that I wanted the pie and she looked me up and down, whilst holding her Vesuvius-sized plate, and told me that I definitely didn’t need the pie. At this point, I pushed her over into the bath – which just conveniently happened to be full of water – and I then proceeded to lift her legs into the air so that she fell back and began to drown. Well, I woke up in such a state and had to send her a text message to see if she was okay! I then rang her the following day and told her about my dream…reassuring her that I had no intention of ever drowning her.

This next dream was also a little disturbing, as it highlighted how far I was prepared to go in order to get my ‘fix’. Whilst shopping, I stood in front of the chocolate selection and opted for Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups – for those who have never had them, please don’t try them as they are pretty damn good and will not help you along the path to loserdom! However, in my dream, one packet of Reece’s were in tact, and the other was open and one of the cups had been crushed and was dirty. I decided that I wanted both packets and took them to the cashier to pay….the cashier made the fatal mistake of trying to talk me out of buying the open, crushed and dirty packet. Well, I threw a massive tantrum which caused a huge scene…and culminated in me stuffing the peanut butter cups into my mouth in front of the stunned onlookers. Luckily, I woke up at this point and didn’t get a chance to see the reaction of the crowd…or else I would probably never step foot in Asda again! ;-)

If I look at this from a Freudian perspective, my dreams are simply my minds way of enacting my fantasies. Although given Freud’s preoccupation for sexual imagery, I am struggling to see how getting shot…oh, wait! ;-)

Apparently we spend approximately six years of our life dreaming – which I thought was pretty amazing…your mind can go wherever it wants to for six years! When you wake up ready to take out your dream assailants, or trying to wipe the evidence off your face after a dreamtime burger binge, there may be issues though!

As a diabetic, I am prone to vivid dreams apparently – although I have pretty good dream recall, they have never been quite so vivid as they are now. When glucose levels are low, the brain does strange things to get your body to push the stored glucose into the blood stream – and one of these strange things can be to create an adrenaline rush via a crazy dream. So when I have one of these dreams and wake up feeling as if I have been drinking Red Bull all night, this is just my body’s way of dealing with blood sugar issues. If I was really worried I could eat some protein before bed to help regulate this…but I do quite enjoy the urban warrior in me coming out in my dreams.

Although waking up and worrying – genuinely worrying as my dreams are so realistic – about getting back on the Slimming World scales is something that makes me chuckle. I seriously have conversations running around my mind, in which I double and triple check with myself whether or not there was any possibility that I have just gorged on a burger in bed. Thank goodness I haven’t started sleep eating yet…adding that to everything else would be a real bugger!

Right then…the usuals…

After dreaming about being in a gym, and trying to sneak into the swimming pool unnoticed, I woke up and realised that I had managed to get a good night of sleep for once. The postman didn’t disturb me at 7am, nor did the neighbour let his fresh-air hating dog out to bark at the world. So I had a nice lazy morning, and after his wake-up ciggy, my other half joined me and we put the world to rights and spent time chatting about my future – our future – and what I might end up doing to earn some dosh. We didn’t really end up with any particular set in stone plan of action, but we have a goal in mind and are working towards that. After breakfast – and what I ate will probably disgust some of you – we got ready and headed off to the stables to put up some fencing and slam more posts in. We made a lunch detour to Asda and then began the important job of continuing to ready the stables for my Jessie event, and just getting it ready for winter…some of you will shush me when I talk about winter in August, but I like to be prepared! I helped to break up some of the old wooden pallets that we stored hay on in the barn…it was the one occasion that my weight comes in handy, as I was kind of able to bounce up and down on them and break them. Poor old Freddie Freelander was full to the brim with wood, which we took off to the tip for recycling. The horses were on good form and will be happy tonight as I left them access to the yard, which has grown quite lush with grass, so they can fill their tummies. We popped back to Asda for dinner items and then headed off to catch up with my brother in law and the kids. My other half was harassed and hassled by them…they adore him…so I was left in relative peace for once. I haven’t got much planned this evening. I am helping my other half with a project next week and will be putting in quite a few hours on this, so I think that it will just be a relaxed couple of days…except for the Filipino Stick Fighting tomorrow!

Breakfast: Leftover Thai green curry (1 syn).

20130817-172750.jpgLunch: Tandoori chicken, salad and fruit salad.

20130817-172909.jpgDinner: Steak, roast butternut squash, stuffed mushrooms (14 syns), rocket, onion, pepper and cherry tomatoes.

20130817-193734.jpgSnacks: Ryvita crackers with LowLow (2 x HEA and 2 x HEB).

20130817-193954.jpgYes, yes – I had curry for breakfast…and do you know what is even more disgusting? I ate it cold…cold Quorn and veggies with coconut yogurt…and it was delicious and really set me up for my fence post slamming at the stables! I was a little disturbed though, as eating leftover takeaway-type food was something that I used to do before heading to work…with four slices of buttered toast in hand too. But it won’t hurt on this occasion and, if I am being honest, will probably happen again at some point! Lunch was something quick and simple that could be enjoyed at the stables. Dinner was delicious – the mushrooms stuffed with garlic and herb philli taste immense. The steak was lovely, and the butternut squash was good too…heck, all of it was good. In fact, when the plate was in front of me and I saw how great the mushrooms looked, I actually said, “Oooh, I just want to dive into the cheesy loveliness and swim around in it.”…I think I need help! ;-)

Exercise: Just the stuff at the stables I mentioned.

Thank you for reading, and I hope that you are having a fabulous weekend!

Weight Loss Bitch xxx



On a health and fitness driven journey to lose over 32st / 448lbs / 203kgs – yes, it is a considerable amount – I am committed to losing my excess weight without the aid of weight loss surgery, diet pills, or quick fixes…as there aren’t any! Changing my eating habits and building up my fitness levels, along with addressing the ‘head issues’ will be crucial in order for me to achieve my goal. Living in England as a 31 year old super morbidly obese woman can be challenging to say the least. I have been shouted at in the street and verbally abused far too many times to mention; hence the name ‘Weight Loss Bitch’…the day I am just called a ‘bitch’ instead of a ‘fat bitch’ will be the day that I know I have cracked my weight loss! With many reasons to lose this weight I am documenting my journey for a number of reasons. Firstly, I would like to keep a record of the ups and downs, the highs and lows, and the challenges I face with such an enormous task to tackle. Secondly, I would also like to inspire and encourage other people who are in a similar situation and to show them that significant amounts of weight can be lost naturally…with a bit of motivation, hard work, dedication and will power. Thirdly, all of the blogging, Facebook-ing, Tweet-ing, Pinterest-ing and YouTube-ing keeps me occupied and keeps my fingers out of the fridge!

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