I don’t really have a huge problem with trolls or abusive people…as most people are decent and realise that I am clearly trying to make significant changes to my life.


However, there is one lady – Karen…I won’t mention her surname! – who pops up every now and then to try and cause problems. I have no idea what her issue with me is really…she actually makes me laugh, as I can imagine her typing away, hoping to get some sort of response.

When I first set up my Facebook page she made a few comments – I can’t really remember them, but they were fairly harmless I suppose. Harmless until some of the people on my page started biting back at her – and she hit new levels of crazy and went after everyone! She then tried to get my page banned, saying that it was abusive and that all of the people on there were horrid. :-)

Bless her heart! I obviously sorted this out, and deleted / banned her…but then yesterday she cropped up again somehow, with the simple inoffensive comment, “Get a life.” It did make me chuckle…I just deleted the comment, banned her, and reported her. I have no time for people like this – I am trying to get a life Karen…or rather, I am trying get my life back and can do without tossers like you interfering in that process. I have only the following words for you…

Once you have absorbed my words, perhaps you will cease oxygen-stealing and go about your life whilst I go about mine. I have no desire to cross paths or words with you again…but if I must, then I will – and I sincerely promise you that it won’t be pretty! :-)

When you try and lose weight, there is someone there to try and throw you off track. That woman in the office who always bakes cakes and tries to force-feed you…”A little one won’t hurt!”…or your partner who insists on Friday night pizza with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s (or two!)…or a Sunday roast at your relatives, where you feel obliged to partake in the pudding! These are things which you can prepare for though – I have even fibbed and told people that I was gluten intolerant to get the buggers to stop putting cake in front of me. Excuses can always be found to wriggle out of these moments!

Yet you don’t often think of those comments by strangers that might throw you off track. I remember one chap pulling up next to me in his car at a roundabout. His passengers window was down, as was mine, and his passenger proceeded to say, “Fucking hell – look at the state of that! The steering wheel is digging in her stomach…for fucks sake, that is disgusting!”…and on it went. My other half was in the car with me – and I was mortified, yet still managed to shout, “What is your fucking problem, you prick?!” Not a really classy response…but it was the best that I could do at the time!

This was not the first, and not the last, time that something like this has happened. And then to add insult to injury, you get people online thinking that it’s okay to have a pop too. At least those who do it to your face are a little braver…as they could end up with a smack in the face! Keyboard warriors who target people with nasty, silly, and seemingly innocuous comments can actually do far more harm than they realise.

I am not categorising good old Karen in this bracket – as she just makes me laugh. And I do not know enough about online bullying to comment with any authority, but I have read – as many of you will have too – about people doing all sorts of horrid things online. Targeting the families of the deceased, targeting teenagers with issues, targeting anyone who doesn’t fit the ideal really.

There was an article that I read earlier today, regarding a teenage female bodybuilder. This girl trains hard, shows discipline, enthusiasm, courage to do something that her peers consider masculine…yet she does it. Personally, I think she should be applauded. Yet if you read the comments – from the good old Daily Mail readers – you would think that she was doing something awful. And then there are those who are supportive in one breath but dismissive and rude in the next. Why can’t people just be happy that it isn’t a news story about a teenager beating up an OAP?! ;-)

I really do not understand our desire for ‘ideals’. In some countries, being obese is considered a sign of wealth. In some countries their women are tougher law enforcers and soldiers than their men. In some countries being overweight is considered the most awful crime against the eyes! In my world, people can do what they want as long as they are not hurting anyone or breaking a universal code of morals. A universal code of morals is probably a whole other blog post though! ;-)

So I salute Georgina McConnell for going against the grain – personally, I think she looks wonderful. I would far rather have her body than the one I have created through my misuse and abuse of food. I don’t however salute Karen – personally, I think that she is an oxygen-stealer of the grade ‘A’ variety.

My mantra is quickly becoming, ‘Live and Let Live!…unless you are a troll…in which case, get back under the bridge you came from’ :-)

Today has been busy preparing for my Jessie events. I am really excited, but a little apprehensive at the same time! There is no point in worrying though – what will be will be, and I am sure that everyone will enjoy themselves. I did some work this morning, then headed to the horses and to the shops. It has been busy but not too mentally taxing…so I feel a little bored…but that is just me having an unnecessary whinge! I have had a few printer-rage moments this afternoon. After buying some cartridges from Staples – which cost £40 – I realised that they were refurbished ones…basically refills…and they just do not work! Neither of the colour ones register in the machine, despite supposedly being suitable, and the black keeps coming up with low levels. Having thrown the receipt out, I don’t hold out much hope of any refund…so that put me in an even worse mood – £40 bloody quid down the drain! Tonight I am going to watch yet more 24 and get all Jack Bauer on anyone who gives me grief ;-)

Breakfast: Dorset Cereals muesli pot (2 x HEB, 3.5 syns) and a banana.

20130828-124340.jpgLunch: Veggie ‘ploughmans’ (2 x HEA and 2 syns).

20130828-133034.jpgDinner: Veggie egg fried rice (2.5 syns).

20130828-193301.jpgSnack: Nakd bar (6 syns).

20130828-144326.jpgToday’s good has been good. Brekkie was nice – a Dorset Cereals pot which comes in at 12.5 syns but can be used as 2 x HEB + 0.5 syns. I love this muesli – the best I have had! Lunch was good too – a bit of a combo designed to use up some fridge food…and I dug out some pickles to have too. Dinner was a sachet of Uncle Bens golden veggie rice (2.5 syns) with veggies – red onion, yellow pepper, mushrooms, runner beans, broccoli and spinach – with an egg whisked in. The little gem lettuce is used as scoops for the rice…kind of like a really naff but healthy version of a prawn cracker! :-)

Exercise: None! :-( My treadmill is staring at me, but I am avoiding it’s gaze! ;-) I have a busy week and exercise is not a priority…and I am being lazy…so I don’t want any grief. I know that I could make time for it, and that I should be doing it, but I cannot be arsed! I am sure that once I have been ‘Jessie’d’ then things will be different. I could claim that I am fed up about my gain and have lost my mojo…but that would be a fib…the simple fact is that it is easier to sit on my comfy chair…so I am being lazy and taking the easy option!

Thank you for reading – I hope that HumpDay has been good to you :-)

Weight Loss Bitch xxx


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