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Doctor of Medicine

If I get a penny for every relative who asks me about cosmetic, non-surgical ways to get a smaller waistline, I will probably be $10 richer. Okay, that’s not much, but you get the picture: Everyone wants to know about non-invasive alternatives to liposuction, such as ultrasonic lipo-cavitation and external cryogenic treatment of fat.

Do they really work? After several sessions, will you see results that even your friends will notice? Or will availing of such treatments be a waste of money?

Liposuction Alternatives: Why People Want Them

I have a confession to make: My quest for evidence to support the effectiveness (and cost-effectiveness) of “non-invasive liposuction” is partly personal.

I used to be really skinny. I used to weigh 95 pounds – and my friends usually think I’m “lucky” while my parents usually think they’re not feeding me enough. I never gave it much thought; weight was never an issue to me because it posed no personal problem.

But things changed over time. Although I still seem lanky, I’m much heavier now. I love my weight now – I’m no longer “underweight”, hurray! – but it comes at a price: I can no longer wear the clothes in my closet.

Considering I’m of a very healthy weight that’s within the normal range, I can just imagine how difficult it must be for overweight and obese people. When I started working in clinics, not a week passed without at least one patient asking me about how to get rid of abdominal fat.

It was time to look for evidence (or the lack thereof).

Alternatives to Liposuction: The Evidence

One rather popular alternative to liposuction involves ultrasound waves. It has many names: cavitation liposuction, lipo-cavitation, and ultrasonic liposuction, to name just a few.

According to the illustration below, lipo-cavitation involves the delivery of ultrasonic waves that “separate” fat cells for removal. (Medical literature indicates that ultrasonic waves in effective cavitation treatments lead to “bursting” of fat cells.) infographic


The above procedure is not necessarily the same as hydrolipoclasy because of one important reason: hydrolipoclasy involves the introduction of a unique solution that causes cells to burst. (In plain lipo-cavitation, no such invasive technique is required.)

Another treatment that involves ultrasound waves is external ultrasound-assisted liposuction (external UAL). In this procedure, hydrolipoclasy is followed by actual invasive liposuction, thus its name.

In external UAL, 3-Watt ultrasound waves at a 3-MHz frequency are enough to destroy fat cells and collagenous networks, according to a study on the histologic effects of ultrasound lipectomy. However, machines that do not offer the same strength or frequency of ultrasound waves will not promise the same results.

Ultrasonic Cavitation: The Verdict

Unfortunately, not enough evidence is present to support the effectiveness of ultrasonic treatment without the introduction of a fluid into the target fat layer. I have yet to find peer-reviewed studies pointing to its effectiveness.

Although I can’t declare that ultrasonic cavitation doesn’t work, I can say with confidence that the evidence that exists is just not adequate. More studies, specifically peer-reviewed ones, need to be published before plain ultrasonic treatment alone (even that with adequate ultrasound frequency) can be deemed just as effective as its counterparts, namely hydrolipoclasy and external UAL.

Dr. Stef dela Cruz writes about cancer, weight loss, and other health issues. She uses both stethoscope and pen to help patients achieve optimum health. Follow her on Facebook or Twitter; she is perennially online.



Stef dela Cruz is a doctor-columnist who received the Dean Bacala Academic Excellence Award from the University of Santo Tomas and the Health Media Award from the Department of Health. She is the human of three cats and a dog. Stalk her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – she won’t sue.

110 Responses to Effectiveness of Ultrasound Cavitation: Evidence-Based Approach

  1. Yvette

    Naturally I disagree with the article that Ultrasound Cavitation does not work. It does work very well. You will not see masses of fat loss, so if you have someone that is obese, the improvement will be minimal, BUT if you have someone who has normal BMI but some areas of settled fat, then it does work and improves appearance also.

    A more dramatic fat loss can be seen with Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) whereby the fat cells are frozen, crystallised and excreted over time. Typical fat loss in the treated are is between 20 & 40%. This treatment is best suited to pockets of fat, such as love handles, back boobs etc.

    • susan

      i am for a second time having cavitation …for myself it has worked perfectly I lost 2 stone thus far I have boundless energy and feel great …..

      it is very important that you drink plenty water afterwards and have a 20 mins walk or exercise for maximum loss but for me it is brill

      • Elvira

        Can u tell me what place u have ur treatments?

      • Peppikins

        I have tried cavitation a number of times – there are some cheap Groupon offers, and I am now fatter than before I ever had any treatment. I did see results immediately after, but they soon disappeared. Maybe it’s my age. I have not started eating more or unhealtier, so that can’t be the reason. Suffice it to say I will invest no further money into this (to me obviously useless) procedure.

      • Daisy

        i bought a cavitation-machine and am so happy with it i lost a whole inch the first time i used it also i use baby oil as i find it the most effective and have even tried the ultrasound gel but baby oil works just as good if not better i was having heaps of trouble getting the fat to move and this worked from the very first time i used it my husband was also over 200kg and used it several times and has lost over 15kgs and due to this machine has even been able to start exercising where before hand was too painful due to cellulitis on his belly was too painful but his belly shrunk and was able to move more freely i would recommend it to anyone wanting to get the extra inch or just to make a start i got mine from cavitation-machine and am so happy

    • Pete Sergio

      Hi. I agree that ultrasound doesn’t work.(well no where near effective as this)

      I have had treatment with a non painful and no bruising… very easy to use machine known as THE BOX.

      It freezes the area you want fat removed from. In minutes it takes your skin temperature to a safe -5°C Using a wrap which can go on ANY body part

      The result was instant..!! Measuring before and then after the 30-45 minute treatments I was cm’s smaller. Then over a period of 8 weeks I kept getting smaller as the fat cells

      were now DEAD. And I haven’t exactly dieted.!! I am normal I like food.!!

    • Juliana

      The article did not say that the treatment does not work. She said that there’s ot enough empirical evidence to support it does. That’s a very different affirmation. And it was a very informative article for those in doubt like me. Thank you Dr. Stef dela Cruz!

  2. jess west

    This treatment does work and it takes time. It works better if you are slimmer because the fat is not so deep. I have had a number of treatments and I have lost many inches. It is painless and it is expensive and it works if you keep to a low fat diet and definitely no alcohol during the treatment period, as the Liver breaks down the fat that results from the treatment

    • Manopolus

      Just a thought:

      What IF abstaining from alcohol and a low fat diet achieves the same results WITHOUT the magic ultrasound machine. Doesn’t that sort of mean you were subjected to a completely useless procedure?

      • C M

        No, not at all. What you fail to realize is this procedure is body contouring. You are destroying fat cells in places on the body that has an overabundance of fat cells. Fat cells expand and contract as you gain and lose weight, so places, like bellies, inner and outer thighs, muffin tops, are the last places to shrink when you are dieting. By removing fat cells from problem areas you will re-define your shape.

      • Jessica

        Abstaining from alcohol and eating properly does work for all over fat loss. THIS machine is for targeted fat loss for areas that are not going away even with exercise, healthy eating, etc. And BELIEVE me, people do have that problem, especially in the tummy area. I have a leftover tummy that just will not go away, even with proper diet and a 6 week training class, it didn’t touch my lower “pooch”. Does this work, I DONT KNOW, but Im just saying that NO, diet and exercise doesn’t always get rid of some problem areas. At least not without looking like a skeleton. I lost so much weight one time trying to get rid of my pooch that my boobs went from a healthy c to a very small b, loose and saggy. AND my friends said i looked sick. My pooch…still there. So, in the name of beauty and keeping your boobs healthy, its worth a shot.

        • Debbie Pitman

          I have tried laser lipolysis, (12 sessions gave a good result) I did need to drink plenty of water, eat more healthily and my salon did also include use of a vibration plate which I feel is important. My upper and lower abdomen which stayed fatty following a cesarean I personally think, several years before and never shifted even after training and running a marathon went and I also lost a stone in weight. It is expensive at normal price but I did get a good deal and it was worth it.

      • Ninjakat

        There’s always at least one smart alec, holier than thou troll out there. I’m on 1600 hundred calories a day, exercising, trying to stay low carb and the weight is NOT shifting. So put that in your pipe and smoke it and stop assuming all people who can’t lose weight are secretly sitting in a closet eating bags of chips. Just like not all skinny’s are that way through diet and exercise. I know at least two who always pay a visit to the toilet after eating. Anyone for a two finger sandwich ?….

      • Lexie

        When you do diet and exercise, your body will burn fat, but it will not burn fat SPECIFICALLY from a certain part of your body. I am a considered lean (20% body fat), Ieat clean and exercise 6x a week; however, despite the diet and exercise, there is a very stubborn pocket of fat on my midsection that just doesn’t go away. This procedure is perfect for that as I only want to concentrate on that particular area and not my entire body.

    • Yen

      how many treatment did you have that you see the result??

  3. V Smith

    To the other comments on this thread, you offer zero evidence to back up your claim that this works other than “This works!”. Your logical fallacy is Anecdotal Evidence (look it up). The originator of the article stated that they have not found any peer-reviewed evidence to back up these claims. The proper response by you would be to find some published papers, in more than one journal that show some sort of evidence to the claim and link it in the comments. Stick to facts, and back them up with evidence, period… otherwise you are making a mockery of the scientific method. Kudos to Stef, good write-up.

  4. Stef Stef

    Thank you, V Smith! Loving how you rely on evidence as this article, after all, says it’s about evidence-based approach.

    Anecdotal evidence = you said it! Thanks for having my back.

    • ciara

      Thank you Steph and V Smith for saving me money – I was nearly swayed by a Groupon deal. I will instead, go for a walk everyday for 3 months and see how that help! 🙂

  5. Merv

    I have now had 3 treatments for ultrasound cavitation. I have to admit at first I was not sure but now I am 100% positive that this treatment works. The biggest factor is that my stomach area is taking shape. Also I have pants that just fit me right but now after the 3 treatments, those pants are loose. You have to wait for about a week to start seeing the results. Need to keep a healthy diet, exercise and drink a lot of water is very important

  6. Henry

    Thank Stef for your scientific approach analyses. Your article is one of few reviews based evidence and clinical data. You save my time to dig out more info about it. Many fake health products like ultrasound cavitation are sold based on pseudo-science, hype and advertisement by a few individual experience. Some individuals who gave good feedback like some in commentary are false positive due to psychological effect, monetary effect and mixing effect like diet and exercise. In sum, there is no any clinical trial study published in peer review journals to show its body slim effect.

  7. rafat

    good article but not a lot of treatment need evidence we can take acupuncture as example it is effective but no evidence a bout it at all

    • Delanie Cook

      Thank you Rafat! Exactly. I just started my first treatment and will of course continue or discontinue based on results. The truth is that “peer reviewed” materials fail us in many avenues. My son has received more benefit from a naturopathic specialist in one year, than in the 5 years he was treated through traditional medicine. I went to this specialist thinking two things: first, he is probably a quack, and second. I have nothing to lose. He has made my son’s life now, and future a different story.

  8. renee

    I would believe in this product if diet or exercise were not needed for weight loss. It’s just like some of these women mentioned. It could be the very thought and motivation you needed to get the results but making it seem as though it was the procedure itself. I need to see a placebo group versus the actual study group in cases where the experimenters have no ties to the outcome of the experiments.

    • Norman

      You cynical people expect everyone to go out and spend bookoo dollars to perform a double blind study on something like this. The expense of such a study is why many procedures don’t get used or accepted. Obviously, you have to drink lots of water to flush out the potential toxic overload from all those fat cells being metabolized. And a sensible diet helps in this process. Sugars and carbs can block the effectiveness of this procedure since flushing out toxins is vital in anything like this. You have to give your body a break from excessive intake to allow it to deal with metabolizing the waste and getting it out of your body.
      So to say that it should work without any help on your part is like expecting instant success with no sacrifice on your part. Just babies, you guys.

      • Tom

        Norman writes:
        “You cynical people expect everyone to go out and spend bookoo dollars to perform a double blind study on something like this. The expense of such a study is why many procedures don’t get used or accepted.”

        To start, “cynicism” needs to be defined:

        cyn·i·cism (sĭn′ĭ-sĭz′əm)
        1. An attitude of scornful or jaded negativity, especially a general distrust of the integrity or professed motives of others: the public cynicism aroused by governmental scandals.
        2. A scornfully or jadedly negative comment or act: “She arrived at a philosophy of her own, all made up of her private notations and cynicisms” (Henry James).

        Norman, your conclusion that those who seek research and data to help support an idea are somehow “cynics” is incorrect. Actually, your comment is cynical because you sound jaded and highly critical of those who seek answers and/or to prove what others anecdotally state.

        You contend that the cost of studies is why “many procedures” don’t get used or accepted.
        Friend, that kind of thinking is what allows all manner of “snake-oil” peddlers to sell procedures and products to a public who takes on a view like yours, where facts be damned and we should just believe the “friend of a friend of my sister’s neighbor’s brother”.
        I prefer reality based life, yet I accept others who choose to live in beliefs.

        “Obviously, you have to drink lots of water to flush out the potential toxic overload from all those fat cells being metabolized.”

        I’m not sure what you’re getting at with that comment. A dead destroyed cell can no longer function or metabolize anything.
        Are you suggesting that, a destroyed fat cell has to be removed by the body, and by the body doing so that process creates a “toxic overload” into the body?

        If so, then you’re on the wrong track. There is not reason why a deal fat cell would create a “toxic” release into the very body it came from. There is nothing “toxic” about a living fat cell. Can you provide evidence supporting what you’re describing? Or is asking for that being too cynical? 🙂

        “Sugars and carbs can block the effectiveness of this procedure since flushing out toxins is vital in anything like this. You have to give your body a break from excessive intake to allow it to deal with metabolizing the waste and getting it out of your body.”

        What? That sounds like a bunch of internet snake oil mumbo jumbo used by snake-oik peddlers who sell “detoxifying” capsules, creams, and such. Our bodies function requires energy. And the energy that our bodies use in order to function is……wait for it….GLUCOSE. That glucose comes from our digestive system breaking down the food we eat into usable energy. Specifically, carbohydrates, and sugar is a carbohydrate. When you say, “…sugars and carbs…”, you seem not to understand that sugars ARE carbs.
        Thus, it makes not sense to say that “…sugars and carbs can block the effectiveness of this procedure…”

        The body NEED carbs in order to convert it to glucose so that the cells can work. Thus, in order to remove any dead cells, such as those deal fat cells, the body NEEDS energy to do that. To get that energy it NEEDS carbs, and sugar is a carb.
        Not giving your body carbs is thus starving your body of the energy/fuel it needs in order to do it’s functions. Your suggestion on cutting or limiting carb intake in order to not block the bodies effectiveness is counter to the point your trying to make.

        “So to say that it should work without any help on your part is like expecting instant success with no sacrifice on your part. Just babies, you guys.”

        These procedures are sold to people as “effective” fat removal methods that require “no exercise” with the implication that these procedures requires no effort on the part of the person seeking these procedures.

        I agree that people should first do what nature has already provided us on how to get and stay as healthy as individually possible, and that is by eating a varied diet along with daily movement and additional exercise where needed.

        True “spot treating” is about helping certain individuals where their natural bodies have an increased amount of fat cells in a specific area. For example, we’ve seen people who appear average in overall size and weight yet on the outside of their hips, below the waist, there are larger than expected levels of fat cells. This is seen mostly on women, though it happens to men yet less so.
        In some men they appear of healthy size yet they may have a rather large “fat pad” on the top of their pubic area.

        In those cases those people can exercise and eat a balanced diet to try and lose some weight, but they then find that their body fat reduces equally over their body and not just on the area where their body has more abundant fat cells. So, even though they lose fat, the fat loss is even all over their body and that particular area that bothers them is still larger proportionately. This happens because our bodies use body fat reserves equally. Our bodies don’t choose to use all the fat from one area and then switch to another.

        Thus, these methods of targeting specific body locations are for those particular problems where there is a noticeable problem.
        However, still the majority of people who seek these treatments don’t really have a specific particular area that is disproportionately fill with fat cells. The majority are people who want to “sculpt” the body they have without having to exercise specific muscle areas that do actually responded to those areas.

        Muscle is sculpt-able in specific areas, fat is not.

        • Olive

          Tom, before you go correcting Norman’s use of vocabulary you should really look to your own.

          Norman’s point was only, why wait for an expensive “study” to be done if something already works. And as far as flushing the body of dead byproducts resulting from treatments, is just a part of detoxing, as with any type of massage treatment.

  9. Kay

    I’ve had 6 lipo-cavitation sessions. My anecdotal experience is that it doesn’t work. I will admit I initially thought that I could “see” results… my pant legs felt looser on my thighs. However I measured both before and after and found no measurable results. I get better results with just diet and exercise.

  10. Katie

    I have had 3 Ultrasound Cavitation treatments, and there has been No change in my appearance. I brought this to the attention of my technician doing the treatments, and she just reinforced that I need to decrease my caloric intake and exercise more. (Hence, that is the real way to losing fat). Only my pocket book feels “less fat” since paying for the treatments.

  11. idontbelieveit

    I have been looking into this, and I am finding the same thing, no real proof, not even real people on youtube making much comments about it.

    What keeps going though my mind is this, If it obliterates these fat cells and even the video i seen of one that was pulverizing a piece of tin in the water, how can the real machine that and be release to the general public. people would be destroying their bodies because people do not have self control. They would not just use is 3 times a week for a few weeks and then 1 time a week after that for only 10 sessions. they would try to use it every day 3 times a day because they want to look pretty. There is no way you can expose your body to that (if it really works) and not have a negative impact.

    I find it hard to believe these machines could have any real success as they claim because they would have people overusing them and ruining their bodies. My guess is they can sell them to the private individual because they don’t do anything. For god’s sake you could not even by nexium (an antacid) over the counter into 1 year or so ago and its be on the market for at least 10 years or so. I just find it hard to believe a product that basically cause cells in your body to implode would be allowed to be basically sold to any one as they are now. Unless the product really does not do as claimed.

    I can go online right now and order a professional one like used in a spa for about $1000, no questions asked, shipped to my door, no wavers to sign, nothing. A device that can really obliterate tissue in the body would not be so easily purchased. Its that simple.

    There is a saying that I REALLY REALLY HATE, but it seems to be true ‘If its sounds to good to be true, then it probably is’. If anyone is considering buying one of these machines, just think about what I am saying and logically work it out for yourself. I was considering it. but I an now leaning toward not.

    And if my comment offends anyone that wants to defend the product, go on youtube and make a real video showing your before and afters. I don’t want to see a video of some doctor or some spa or from someone that makes money from the product. I want to see real reviews by real people with real before and after. If you look up gopro on youtube, if you look up, gastric sleeve on youtube. if you look up pretty much any product out there you will find people that have used and and will tell there good and bad. the fact that all I am finding is videos made only be people that befit from the sale of this product puts me off. Make a real review on youtube if you think its great, with before and after, show me your a real person, other wise your comment here of how great you think it is, has no value to me. You could realy just be someone on a marketing team somewhere.

    • Samantha

      I have a machine made by Dr. Fuji and it’s said to explode far cells. In my time using the machine this is what I’ve found. You spend 10 mins on it and your muscles feel like an hour of yoga or hard work out. I don’t think it explodes fat cells but it DOES without fail make you gain muscle mass which, in return burns more calories causing you to lose weight. Sure you can abuse it and use it 3 or 4 times a day, BUT!! You will suffer the next day like you forced your body to work out for like 3 to 4 hours. 4

    • Angela

      I had 10 done at a spa, and it may have worked a little then, but the weight came back 10 fold around my love handles 🙁

  12. Cheryle

    Great post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! Very useful information particularly the last part 🙂 I care for such info much. I was seeking this particular information for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  13. cheryl watson

    Hi all, I’ve actually just started to look at this treatment and was considering buying a machine myself for around £1000. I’ve found it really difficult to find any decent evidence other than ‘reviews’ I am a very fit, healthy woman. I eat ‘clean’ drink monster amounts of water and exercise – high intensity – everyday. I am 41 and STILL have stubborn areas that will not shift and Ive been following this fitness plan for 3 years. So I guess if I try this out bearing in mind I already eat well and exercise then maybe that could help others come to a decision. I would be happy to give my results on youtube. It would be nice to see some proper thought out research and results for products like this, particularly when the product is so expensive ! Im currently looking for a salon where I can try out the treatments first on a small area before I commit to investing in my own machine. I shall report back hopefully with some news in a couple of months time.

    • Linda

      Hi Cheryl. I am like you. I eat clean. I work out 5-6 days a week. I am very active. I am not new to this. I have been this way my entire adult life.
      However, at 52 years old, I now have trouble with specific areas of of my body that working out has been unsuccessful at changing. Add in that genetically, all the women in my family carry larger amounts of fat than I do in the same areas.
      I am only 3-5 pounds off my target weight. It’s these stubborn areas that frustrate me.
      So, I’m curious. Did you try this procedure? Did it work for you? How many treatments before you saw results?
      Thank you.

    • Hi Cherly

      Like yourself I exercise regularly and eat low fat ( with the odd exception ) but still have stubborn fat areas. Since it is now March 15 I was wondering if you actually bought a machine ( or had treatment) and if so, do it work ?

      • ciara

        Hi Bern,
        I too work out and have stubborn fat areas but I joined a diet club recently and found the change to my diet really affected the stubborn fat areas. I have love handles; really hard to target with exercise and even weights… the diet club insists on eating dairy (I’m normally pretty dairy free as I’m lactose intolerant) so I started eating muller lite (0 fat and sugar) yogurts which are fairly low in lactose naturally. The fat is starting to reduce?! I’m aghast, I didnt expect it but apparently calcium helps get rid of fat and even more specifically from dairy. This goes against everything I know but it’s working (in combination with a very low fat and low sugar diet). Just thought I’d share in case it helps 🙂 C

    • Nita
    • KHunter

      Hi Cheryl,
      very curious…did you end up trying this? You description of yourself if similar to mine so I was curious if you had any success before I take advantage of a Groupon offer! Thanks!

  14. Cos B

    Hi, I am totally with going with scientific evidence, but you have to look at how the results are measured by some of these studies who are saying there is no significant results, I think better studies need to be formulated due to the high anecdotal evidence which is important here! You all can’t simply put that aside, Thats crazy. Anyways I have not used this treatment yet, but will do so and come up with a relevent study that can show why and why not this works on some people, as a few pointed out that it may depend on initial body fat levels, not so effective on obese subjects but more effective on normal people with stubborn fat! Hope this helps some people to clarify that scientific literature grows overtime and may support this in the future.
    Cos B

  15. Francois Theberge

    Couldn’t agree more with Stef’s approach; we need more evidence-based studies before stating this procedure works as intended, in a majority of cases suitable for said procedure.

    Anecdotes are nice and comforting while chatting with friends and relatives around the kitchen table, but we’re not going to based our health/medical choices strictly on that, won’t we? Our ancestors we’re stuck with this approach for much of our History and it wasn’t pleasant.

    Just read the testimonies of those who survived surgery without anesthesia before Morton. Or the descriptions of parasitosis in the (not so) “good ol’ days”!

  16. joseph lassiter

    The general absence of studies does not say it is good or bad, It only says there is no one interested in studying it for free and that there is no one willing to pay for it to be studied. Certainly there are plenty of honest researchers who would study it for a contract Price. A sizable sample of anecdotal evidence is useful only if the reports are not influenced by a seller of the product or service. You can be sure a seller will drop most of the negatives and keep the positives. That is nothing new, the FDA and Big Pharma do that routinely. What they call evidence based is often highly biased if not totally corrupt by publishing only the studies favorable to their product and burying negatives and competitors. A vote by users of social media might be more reliable.
    When you use cost figures, to make it meaningful you should put $, #, or euros and when you mention cm, say whether it is thickness or circumference. The units are important.

  17. JB

    I have gone for 3 professional cavi-lipo sessions and SAW results. I’m 25, 5’0″ and weigh 120lbs. I do have picture before and after proof on my old phone. But the results didn’t last for me due to a busy lifestyle and not being able to get 30-min exercise in. Although, it is pricey it is worth it esp. if you have a groupon (where I bought mine)

    Now I was thinking about purchasing an at home machine on amazon or ebay. But I would like for someone to write a review about those machines because I’m skeptical they just have a “vibration” to break down fat cells. Almost same method as “Contour Ab Belt” Not looking to spend money on a machine that doesn’t have ultrasound technology.

  18. Amanda

    Thanks sooooo much!!!! I do have to say after all this research I have found that all of them say (it may be enough to shrink your fat cells, it may benefit to weight loss IF!!!! you exercise with it and keep a diet and nothing is proven. All the pics I looked at look as if they are sucking it in, man people I think like to just waste there money. Good thing I’m one of those smart ones that is already on a diet and exercising and I would really like to be one of those people with high metabolism and sit on the couch eating what ever when ever and have these machines actually work but like that one guy said if it was that powerful to remove or shrink fat cells they wouldn’t have it out there so easy to buy. Thank for all these answers and thank god for the internet for all the research

  19. Kristopher

    I had 3 sessions of u lipo out of 15 suggested
    there is an inch loss a from 40 to 39, however weight loss is of 2 kgs in the first week itself. Further i have been experiencing fatigue and feel tired. My had changed my on diet to vegeterian, no oil, no cheese, no sugar and no alcohol …Pls suggest if fatigue is normal,

  20. NatashaQ

    Hi guys! I loved this article. I’ve done quite a bit of research on this topic and decided to go for it. I’ve always been slim, but after 3 babies, I’ve put on some weight, which I want to keep! Except the muffin top. So, I bought 10 sessions. It was on sale on Groupon. I’ve done the first session. Afterwards, my skin felt very soft and smooth, but no side effects at all. I’ll go 2-3 times per week until this package is done. I’ll post some results, pics, measurements, etc when I’m done so we can all see if this worked for me! Oh, btw, I’m 5’3, 138 lbs. The top of my navel/waist measures at 33 inches, the bottom measures at 36 in. And again, I don’t want to lose the weight, but I probably will, I just want a flatter tummy! I do work out daily and I really should get a Dasani Water endorsement because I drink so much! Which apparently helps a lot during this process. Ttyl

  21. Anne

    I think people are missing the point….this procedure is not for weight loss…..just like traditional lipo, it is for body sculpting. If you don’t eat healthy and drink lots of water after a session, there is a risk of the fat cells ballooning up, and the effect will not be seen.

    I use it on my waist, love handles and abdomen….and I can see the effect….my waist is more defined even though I have not reached my target weight yet.

  22. Vijay

    I have lost 12 cms from my tummy in 12 sittings of 45 minutes. It is a 3-step process that is followed in the weight loss center that I go to. First 15 minutes is the use of the vibration machine to loosen the fat cells in the targeted area. Second 15 minutes is the use of the ultrasound waves, the last 15 minutes is the use of a laser machine that produces heat. I have found it very effective. This is combined with weight loss massage, Sauna, stomach pack for tightening and a general machine (vibrator) session which has different programs.

  23. Judy

    I just thought I would add to this thread from my experiences as a Naturopath with these machines. I have been using this equipment in my clinic for over 4 years now. Some people don’t get much result but many people do. ..even without dietary changes. I lady lost a lot of cms even though she ate chocolate and drank alcohol (against my advice). The extra water is to flush the body faster and the exercise is to move the lymphatic system as the lymph valves are in the muscles. I have seen on average 1-5 cms lost per session and in some cases 8 or 9 in one measurement within the hour. Sometimes they have increased cms straight after a session, probably due to fat leakage causing swelling in the area until it is moved. There are a few people that seem to have very little result. These people are very bloated so I suspect food allergies or a need to detox. Hormonal cycles also play a role in the results as does medication I find. Everybody is unique and individual with their own metabolic rate. Of course a good diet is suggested to prevent further weight gain. Some people will swear they are careful with their food intake and choices, yet they really don’t monitor. It is an individual experience and can get awesome results …..or very little which is when I detox the person as well. Sometimes I include essential oils into the treatments to add to their water to help move the fat along as well to help with these issues,. I also use RF to tighten and tone as well as Biomesosculpture which helps clean the extracellular matrix (where the fat leaks to). drain the lymphatic system and to contour the body.I hope this helps some of you with questions, doubts or skepticism.

    • Heather

      Thanks for that. We have a Cavitation machine in our clinic and we are finding the same thing. We have clients who have a remarkable cm loss and others who have a moderate result. We use a combination of 40k cavitation and RF in one session. We also have ‘fat freezing’ which has shown some very impressive results. Most of our clients live a reasonably healthy lifestyle and follow the aftercare advice. Some do nothing different and have still had measurable results. Some have only had moderate results. These treatments are to assist you in moving stubborn pockets of fat and are not considered a method of weight control.

      • Lorraine Gazzerro Skinplicity

        How much time and what is the sequence on how to do these treatments, Ive purchased a salon unit, and their instructions are vague at best. They do 15 minutes fat freeze, than 15 minutes cavi, then 15 minutes rf with red light. I have seen it done the opposite way starting with cav-rf-fat freeze. Doing training and not sure if we should try both ways!!

  24. liposuction in bali

    Ultimately, large holes were made in the problem areas with excess fat, and fairly big cannulas were
    introduced. Using this you are able to achieve the style you need and get
    the curves you have commonly preferred. Upper arm liposuction is a common procedure, frequently sought after by both men and women.

  25. Amy

    Thank you Dr Stef. I almost wasted my money.

  26. Dottydonut

    The effects of nonfocused external ultrasound on tissue temperature and adipocyte morphology.
    Garcia O Jr1, Schafer M.
    Author information
    Nonfocused externally applied ultrasound energy has been used extensively in the clinical setting for noninvasive body contouring on the premise that ultrasonic diathermy may have a reducing effect on adipose tissue.
    The authors document both the time/temperature relationships and cellular changes following nonfocused and weakly focused ultrasound treatments in an animal model.
    Nonfocused ultrasound treatments were administered to 3 Yorkshire pigs, at clinically recommended settings, for two 12-minute intervals. Tissue temperatures were recorded. Lymph fluid samples were taken pretreatment from the control side and posttreatment from the treated side. Biopsies were taken of the skin, adipose tissue, muscle, and lymph nodes on both the control side (pretreatment) and the ultrasound-treated side (posttreatment) for histological examination.
    Lymph fluid analysis revealed highly elevated triglyceride values on the treated side versus the control. Analysis of lymph node biopsies revealed free vacuoles of fat within the lymph node tissue on the treated side compared with normal controls. In situ temperature measurements indicated that the device produced uniform heating throughout the adipose tissue layer. Electron microscopy of the treated adipose tissue revealed alterations in the cellular architecture without necrosis and free lipids within the extracellular space.
    On the basis of the increase of free lipids in the lymph system posttreatment, the increase in free lipids within the lymph nodes on the treated side, and the free lipids in the extracellular space without cell necrosis, we conclude that treatment with this device reduces adipose tissue by altering the permeability of the adipocytes.
    PMID: 23220874 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

    Somebody wanted medical articles re Lipo Cavitation and was told no one had done any?? These are just two I have found there are more?

    • Cynaneyang

      This article discusses PEER REVIEWED research articles…not simply articles. Why is “peer reviewed” important? To keep researchers honest and clear.

  27. Dottydonut

    Biological effects of low frequency high intensity ultrasound application on ex vivo human adipose tissue.
    Palumbo P1, Cinque B, Miconi G, La Torre C, Zoccali G, Vrentzos N, Vitale AR, Leocata P, Lombardi D, Lorenzo C, D’Angelo B, Macchiarelli G, Cimini A, Cifone MG, Giuliani M.
    Author information
    In the present work the effects of a new low frequency, high intensity ultrasound technology on human adipose tissue ex vivo were studied. In particular, we investigated the effects of both external and surgical ultrasound-irradiation (10 min) by evaluating, other than sample weight loss and fat release, also histological architecture alteration as well apoptosis induction. The influence of saline buffer tissue-infiltration on the effects of ultrasound irradiation was also examined. The results suggest that, in our experimental conditions, both transcutaneous and surgical ultrasound exposure caused a significant weight loss and fat release. This effect was more relevant when the ultrasound intensity was set at 100 % (~2.5 W/cm², for external device; ~19-21 W/cm2, for surgical device) compared to 70 % (~1.8 W/cm² for external device; ~13-14 W/cm2 for surgical device). Of note, the effectiveness of ultrasound was much higher when the tissue samples were previously infiltrated with saline buffer, in accordance with the knowledge that ultrasonic waves in aqueous solution better propagate with a consequently more efficient cavitation process. Moreover, the overall effects of ultrasound irradiation did not appear immediately after treatment but persisted over time, being significantly more relevant at 18 h from the end of ultrasound irradiation. Evaluation of histological characteristics of ultrasound-irradiated samples showed a clear alteration of adipose tissue architecture as well a prominent destruction of collagen fibers which were dependent on ultrasound intensity and most relevant in saline buffer-infiltrated samples. The structural changes of collagen bundles present between the lobules of fat cells were confirmed through scanning electron microscopy (SEM) which clearly demonstrated how ultrasound exposure induced a drastic reduction in the compactness of the adipose connective tissue and an irregular arrangement of the fibers with a consequent alteration in the spatial architecture. The analysis of the composition of lipids in the fat released from adipose tissue after ultrasound treatment with surgical device showed, in agreement with the level of adipocyte damage, a significant increase mainly of triglycerides and cholesterol. Finally, ultrasound exposure had been shown to induce apoptosis as shown by the appearance DNA fragmentation. Accordingly, ultrasound treatment led to down-modulation of procaspase-9 expression and an increased level of caspase-3 active form.
    PMID: 21658315 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]
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  28. Corina

    I nearly bought an ultrasonic lipo cavitation system but I couldn’t find any real evidence on Youtube that it worked. I was really surprised because people love to test stuff all the time and place lots of results on Youtube.

    I ‘m not really a fat person, even rather thin (1,67 cm and 53 kg), but I have a round tummy like I’m pregnant and a thick bottom. They call it a “pear shape”. Or maybe it’s lipoedema; a modern word for the same condition. But my rib cage and neck are utterly thin like I’m nearly starving in a concentration camp.

    If I gain weight, let’s say 7 kgs, all fat will be stored around my bottom and upper legs and none will stick on my ribs.

    I trained for about a year to get a better posture but to no avail. I have problems to stand upright because of the inbalance.

    So for a few hours I believed to have found the solution. Maybe I still will buy and test the system to be quite sure but I ‘m not so optimistic anymore.

  29. Ana

    There is a paper in the peer-review journal “Plastic and reconstructive surgery” from 2013 stating that lipo-cavitation works. Nevertheless the n is low (n=3) so I guess it is not definitive yet. Anyway here is the link, in case you wish to read it:

    Hope this is helpful

  30. ron

    This works very well. It is true that it is nor for larger sized individuals. You will start to see results in about a week. My wife get it done and uses natural body wraps that she gets from a woman that helps to really maximize her results.

  31. fat cavitation machine

    I’ve tried it and I could see somewhat results right afterward, i found its better to use it with a stomach wrap or a waist bank for workout, as you can sweat out a lot of toxins which seems to speed up the fat loss in the areas targeted

  32. fat cavitation machine

    ive used this machine, it was a portable hand held, and I could see results pretty much right away but I saw more results faster yet gradually when i would pair that with a stomach wrap or band to sweat out toxins which seemed to speed up the weight loss. Be careful because if you’re dieting you can lose a lot of fat at once, its all eliminated naturally if you see what i mean

  33. Maria

    The treatment alone does not work. In fact it does not work at all. If they are advising you to watch your diet and do exercise, chances are you are losing the weight and the size because of those and not the treatment. It’s a complete waste of time and money. If they are saying it’s for body contouring then you can get the same effect from having a massage or detoxifaction massage. Less money and much more relaxing. I regret having it done. All I have lost is my sterling pounds and not pounds in weight.

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  35. Esthetician

    Some people will try to discredit lipocavitation because they want people to spend thousands of dollars on plastic or cosmetic surgery it is a body contouring procedure for problem areas with every weight loss procedure diet is important whether it is surgery or non invasive people do your research and it wouldn’t help to pick up anesthetics textbook that proves how the method works…

  36. penny

    I have had numerous ultrasound cavitation in different areas. One thing I can say for a fact is that it removed my saddlebags. I was not a believer until then. They were large and hard in texture and after the first one they were soft and smaller. I had 3 in total in that general area.
    I am now having different areas done and so far I am seeing some of the results. I have not changed any diet at all. I only increased water intake before and after procedures and cut caffeine before the procedures. These are just my results.

  37. EmmaHolden

    This treatment does work and it takes time. But the good way for weight loss is exercise.its really good way to loss weight.

  38. Donna

    I just got my machine. I am on the larger size over 200 pounds.I used it , 1 time so far on my tummy area. I lost just over 3 inches. My Daughter also used it on same areas and lost 2 inches. That was 2 days ago. And remeasured my self and have lost another 1/2 inch. I started high protein dieting, also water very important. Also have started losing more weight. Must exercise after treatment… Good luck..

  39. layne

    I saw this procedure explained on DrOz by a fully trained and experienced plastic surgeon..after using the ultrasound machine another device was swept over the earea…it was like a suction machine that helped mobilise the loosened cells and also helped tone the area..i don’t see any mention of this suction machine in any of the clinics

  40. M

    I have had 4 treatment and I have lost everything inches from my waist. They also put a cold cream on my stomach area and put plastic wrap around. Where I go they also use that suction machine that Layne mentioned

  41. M

    I meant to say I have lost 3 inches from my stomach area. Not everything lol I wish lol

  42. Alexis

    I loved reading this, I have to agree that I found it frustrating with all the promoted reviews of the procedure. I am like the writer of this blog, Ive been petite all my life. I found it always easy to lose weight whenever I gained a couple pounds. I have to say, when women said your body changes when you get older, they were not kidding! I have always been muscular without a gym, so not only are my pants able to pull up to my knees, I have had areas that have gotten flabby. Its happened so quick and I am just so uncomfortable. I have gone from a size 5 to a 12 in about two years time. I need to say I had a failed pregnancy last year and everything has been different. Its depressing really. I just want it off. I have to say when I hear I lost inches with a few procedures and no gym really sounds too good to be true. But hey if theres a way to help me I want in… Im sorry for writing my own mini blog in this comment , but I do want to thank you for allowing this dialogue to take place. And.. Is there really any effective treatment? Please correct me because Im reading results from the procedure that freezes cells is the most effective? And this is a hit or miss, but could be good for ones with a smaller amount of fat needed to lose?
    Thank you , and Im crossing my fingers that I may have some light at the end of this tunnel. ( :

    • Chessie

      Thank you for the person who posted the link to the peer reviewed paper that was written by 5 MDs in 2013. I see that it was affiliated with the National Institute of Health, who provide grant money all over the country to medical studies. It made me feel a lot better and more dubious of the nay Sayers saying this is invalid due to the lack of peer reviewed research.
      I’ve had hypothyroidism since birth, and a thyroidectomy in 2013. I was an average weight my whole life but I kind of ballooned up to 240 lbs gaining 80lbs in 4 years. My job is very
      demanding and although I signed up for a gym I could only go for maybe 2 days. I also hate cardio because of the high impact, as I am a size 42d bust size. Working out is not fun when you’re chest heavy. I am a size 18. Being hyperthyroid and trying to lose weight is not fun either so I decided to look for less conventional ways to lose weight. I didn’t want Lipo, because I wanted to reserve the any surgery for a breast reduction but that is another thread altogether.
      I got a Groupon deal for ilipo which is just laser removal. 400 dollars for 8 sessions. For this you have to do 60 minutes of cardio for optimal results so I sucked it up and did the stair climber. I did see an inch loss a few hours later. However, due to the schedule of salon and my schedule sometimes I could only do once a week. It worked, but wasn’t optimal for long term results for someone my size. So I decided to look for an at home machine. I just purchased it on amazon and it has the laser pads and the cavitation heads for body and face. I also heavily researched the cavitation and I was curious. The machine arrives in 2 weeks and had positive amazon reviews.
      I know I am not the ideal body frame for this to show maximum results, but I figure if own the thing and have already seen results from the ilipo, then going by that alone should help justify the purchase, even if I benefited from that procedure and not the cavitation. Going to the salon was a bit of a pain, as oftentimes the girls running the salon would strap me in, run the machine and then forget about me, often resulting in me having to undo all of it myself and leaving the room just to have them annoyed I did that. Their sessions frequently ran over and one of the girls thought she would fill the time by becoming a personal trainer and have me do crunches in the waiting area, which I found frustrating.
      But again, thanks to the person who posted the peer reviewed article. It was reassuring and reading it made me feel a lot better. As for the author and the other arrogant folks that are being holier than though about the research, looks like someone got an F on their homework..

  43. Just a Guy

    I bought a home cavitation/ultrasound machine from China (350$), I was very skeptical but I had to try it. I’m in my early 30’s, work out regularly, drink a lot of water and live a healthy lifestyle. I was a chubby boy and always had persistent abdomen fat. I went through a bodytite lipo almost a year ago and whilst the results were OK, I had some very noticeable irregularities (still a little). long story short, I had 2-3 self treatments during the last few days thus far and I can 100% say that I see a dramatic change. very surprising. irregularities visibly decreased and additional fat reserves that were left are starting to diminish (again, very noticeable!!). pretty excited.
    I haven’t changed anything in my healthy routine but this machine. it works.

    • Just a Guy

      Update: 2-3 sessions a week, still seeing progress with results!! lost almost 2kg so far, but more importantly – I have visibly less fat reserves in my abdomen!!!

      *When I said healthy routine – I drink a lot of water, don’t eat junk food, I’m cycling 15 km daily and workout at a gym 2-3 times a week. I’m doing this for a long time (years) so I know it’s the machine that makes the difference. If you buy one of these – make sure you buy a good and serious machine with a lot of reviews, make sure to drink a lot of water and exercise! If you’re obese than I don’t think this is the right thing for you. I think it’s more for people that are already active and have stubborn fat reserves that needs that extra last push for reaching their goal (1-5~ kg extra)

      The only reason I’m writing this is to help people that have given up! this is the best purchase I had in years and I’m gaining my confidence up now! it made me a believer 🙂

  44. Katie

    Cavitation needs excercise or vibration treatment because when the cell is emptied /shrunk and the fat is in your blood stream you need to burn that excess fat or it will redeposit. The liver can only process so much fat at a time also. Water and making your body detox after each treatment is a must. If you aren’t a water drinker this is not for you. If you can’t do a 30 min workout on the day of treatment only this is not for you. Placing treatments too close together can make you not see results because your body cant process the fat going into your blood stream that fast.

    Excercise causes the cells to do the same thing as cavitstion, this is for areas where the cells will not empty as easily with diet and excercise, stubborn areas.

  45. Shirley

    Hi Guys, thank you, this comment is less about the effectiveness as have had 5 cavitation treatments, being measured before and after in the same area (my butt) and I have come down from 112 cm to 99 cm. 1 x treatment weekly for 5 weeks. I drink 2l of water a day, this is a must. My only concern is that I suffer from severe itching post treatment this only started after the 3rd treatment, I first thought it was the laser gel they apply but i removed this straight away and still as itchy as hell, anybody else suffer this and any remedies i would be most grateful

  46. Tom

    Hello Dr, This is the only research I have found done according to scientific method

    Results are statistically significant as to moderate effectiveness, hope it helps.

  47. Bridgid

    This is absolutely not true, my RF Radio Frequency Cavitation for Slimming machine works, you just have to been patient. After four sessions at home i can see a major difference. So now you know, why go to a spa when you can do it on your own at home. Its so worth it follow a protein, fruits, vegetables, minimum carbs and lots of water. Also exercise at least. 4 times a week for 30 minutes

    • Alma

      Could it be that maybe you’re slimming down because you’re now eating more fruits and veggies, less carbs, and finally exercising four times a week for 30 minutes? 😉

  48. Taylor

    Was wondering how this treatment affects ibs? I have mild ibs so it’s not that bad but on some websites they advise against doing it with ibs? What’s the reason for this and would I be ok doing it?

  49. Shar

    As you are still tall and thin, it seems you have no need for lipo or cavitation. Have you found any treatment at all to enhance facial beauty? You have the perfect body, though have you discovered anything to create a beautiful face?

  50. Brandee Steider

    Hey, awesome post. I just love the creative stuff. Thank you for sharing and making us inspired.


    Excellent post. I’m always checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed!
    Extremely helpful info specially the closing part. I handle such info much. I used to be seeking this particular information for a long
    time. Thanks and good luck.

  52. sara

    So it says in this article that there is NOT ‘enough evidence’ which means that there are people who will not see results and people who will.Been reading everyone’s comments and I see mixed reviews on the effectiveness of ultrasonic cavitation.
    I don’t like these studies being in medical science and a nurse myself I say this. Reason being there are too many factors. It is like surgery– for instance if someone has issues with their kidneys — it all depends which stage they are in to see if they will need a transplant or they will even survive. Same goes for weight loss. Too many factors are involved such as gender, thyroid issues, hormonal issues, amount of fat and their weight loss history, including the medications they are taking. It could be that certain antidepressants or medications are causing weight loss or weight gain or making you keep water weight. You cannot just take any group of people and start performing studies. Sometimes people do work out and eat right and hit a plateau and still need to take certain meds or workout even more–there is a theory that sometimes when we eat very little our body goes into starvation mode and holds onto the weight we have –so maybe that can be another reason people are not losing weight. If this treatment is HELPING you along diet and exercise do it! Because you will see countless studies on people losing weight with diet or just protein and low carb and countless studies that without exercise you wont get a definite shape. Do what works for you but try to eat healthy because no matter what you do you want to keep your arteries clean and healthier food in general helps our organs and body function better in the long run.

  53. Bauchmuskeltrainer

    Your place is valuable for me. Thanks!

  54. Steve Taylor

    Do you have the room to handle 15-30 new Ultherapy patients over the next 30 days?

    I am working with other Ultherapy providers right now around the US that average 100 inquiries/mo. Based on your website, we are interested to discuss a partnership with you on these leads.

    You can reach me anytime on 561-285-4685.




    I am having Ultrasonic cavitation and it is working wonderfully. I’m a guy that has a normal BMI, I eat vegan 80% and meat 20%… I also workout regularly. Ultrasonic Cavitation is for people like myself. It worksas though you’ve went under the knife, but you have to have an active life, exercise, and drink lots of water…. They say don’t drink any wine for 3 to 4 days after but I’ve drunken wine the day after and I still continue to loose major inches and see results every week. I’m on my 7th procedure and have 3 more to go….I’m so glad I got this head start. I’m motivated to workout more because now I can see the results of my workouts…. that lower belly situation was a situation…..but not anymore!!!!

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