Here is a quick recipe for you. It is so easy, anyone can make this. It is a great one for keeping you on the straight an narrow, if your body is craving salt, or a bit of a crunchy texture.

Salted Kale Chips

Salted Kale Chips

I made two batches last night. One batch was eaten as a healthy snack.  For the second batch I added some beautiful organic green cauliflower, some chili and some garlic, and it made a great textured meal accompaniment to go with my minced lamb and aubergines.

Lamb and Aubergine

Lamb and Aubergine

So here is how you make Kale Chips.

  1. Simply take some organic kale.
  2. Wash and chop into bite size chunks.
  3. Add to a roasting tray, and sprinkle with salt, a lashing of olive oil then choose from a combo of different spices. E.g Paprika & Cayenne Pepper, chili and garlic, lemon, cinnamon- any spice that takes your fancy.
  4. Then bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes at 180 degrees.
Hey presto!!

Hey presto!!


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  1. Helen

    I have been making these a lot lately, as a snack or to have in a salad or as a vegetable with dinner. They are delicious and so much easier to make than expected! (I recently found them in a health shop a lot more expensive than making at home!)

    Thank you so much for your blog and recipes. I am really looking forward to trying more of them. The photos are great alongside your blog as they make the dishes look so tasty!!

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