Just a quick post with some new achievements in the land of Budlington! There have been three significant advances since I last wrote.

In a recent post I mentioned about Rosie learning to throw and catch in the garden…well Karen has been encouraging her to go a step further by introducing speech into the play by saying , ‘Ready, steady, go!’ In the past week or so Rosie has begun to repeat it back before she throws the ball which is brilliant. Okay so she can’t exactly say the words but she is making the right noises, it’s more ‘Eddie, teddy, dooooooe!’ but its great progress all the same. The first video below shows her in full action.

After months of receiving cuts and scratches from Rosie clawing at our faces I think we’ve finally broken through to the other side and her quick grabbing has turned to a much more affectionate stroke of the cheek whilst saying, ‘Ahhhhhh’ and giggling. We still get the odd swipe after but it’s certainly getting less and less – it’s one of the few things she’s learned that we’ll be glad to see the back of! We may well be entering a biting phase but for now we’re happy to see a positive change!

Finally and maybe the best of the lot, last week saw a major breakthrough in an area of Rosie’s development that causes me a lot of anxiety. The fact she’s very hyper mobile (over flexible joints due to low muscle tone) means getting her to stand up unaided is taking an awful lot of time and effort with very few signs of progress… until now. Karen had placed Rosie in her cot whilst she went for a shower and when she returned she saw Rosie pulling herself up and poking her head over, managing to stand upright for a few seconds at a time. Her legs weren’t perfectly straight and her feet required the side of the cot to push up against but she tried and she succeeded which was a moment of huge joy for us. Karen encouraged her to carry on and caught the moment in the video below. She has an awful long way to go before she is even attempting to walk but this has given us real hope that with constant support and exercise we may just be able to take a step further to believing it will happen one day.

Ready…Steady…Go! from SwissBaldItalic on Vimeo.

Get up stand up from SwissBaldItalic on Vimeo.


The Future's Rosie

I'm Tom, a thirty something father to three beautiful children and husband to my soulmate Karen. I started this blog as a means to talk about stuff, get things out in the open, a bit like an online therapy I guess and to celebrate the progress of my beautiful daughter Rosie who was born in March 2011 with Down's Syndrome (DS) and a Complete Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD). Maybe the experiences shared on here will help others too, hopefully help illustrate the bright futures our children with DS will have if we can break down common misconceptions. When I first found out Rosie would be born with DS I found reading literature with open and honest feelings on the subject, extremely helpful. This is not intended to be a written masterpiece and I can promise you it won’t be. I don’t pretend to have a large vocabulary and to be honest the further behind me my school days become the more my grammar has deteriorated!... however, you will find what is written on these pages comes from the heart.

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