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Keeping your children’s lunchbox healthy and imaginative can be quite a challenge. Although the Government has considered banning packed lunches, with the right balance they can still pack a healthy punch.

As the new school term starts, we’ve put together a packed lunch that is both great for oral health and will keep the kids happy.

Tuna and cucumber pitta breads – A new take on a much-loved classic. Pitta bread is also healthier than white bread.

Spiced nuts – Nuts are great for oral health, but aren’t the definition of appealing to kids.

Raw vegetables and breadsticks with a cool herb dip – Raw veg and breadsticks are also great for oral health due to their alkalinity. On their own they may be quite bland, but packing your offspring off to school with a dip for them is definitely an upgrade on crisps and pre-made dips.

Sweet treats are slightly trickier. The key is not how much you eat, but how often you have them. So, if you pack your child off to school with a chocolate bar or two, then technically that’s ok, provided they don’t snack on them throughout the day. By keeping these foods to mealtimes, you negate the damage they can do.


British Dental Health Foundation

The British Dental Health Foundation is an independent charity that along with our global arm, the International Dental Health Foundation, is dedicated to improving the oral health of the public by providing free and impartial dental advice, by running educational campaigns and by informing and influencing the public, profession and government on issues such as mouth cancer awareness and fluoridation.

2 Responses to The perfect pack-up

  1. Banning packed lunches? I thought the American government was getting too “1984-ish” but never did I imagine that a Western government would even consider telling people what’s to make their children eat for lunch.

  2. Just be careful with the sweets you let your kids eat at lunch time after their meal. Yes, they aren’t eating it throughout the day, but they don’t need to consume tons of sugar at once.

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