rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.


This is a warning to anyone with sensitive skin. If you think the skin on your face is sensitive imagine how sensitive your private parts are.

I didn’t realise what a prude I am but there you go, I can’t bring myself to to type the word for ‘you know what’.

Allergic reaction to scented toilet paper

Allergic reaction to scented toilet paper

This is a cautionary tale for any sensitive types out there who might get caught out with this one.

Who would ever have imagined there was such a thing as scented toilet roll? Why? It gets flushed straight down the loo covered in stuff you wouldn’t sniff so why does it need to be scented?

If you are dirty down there after wiping then you should wash. Not wipe some faintly scented paper over your smelly nether regions. How does that help?

It’s yet another strange instance of trying to cover up smells when really, if something smells we should deal with why that is and clean it, not mask it with another noxious fragrance.

I will leave the results of using the perfumed loo roll to your imagination but let’s just say, it took a lot of pain and frustration and wasted money on thrush treatments which were not even necessary.

I couldn’t fathom what would be making me itch in ‘two’ places… Nothing else had changed. I was only wearing cotton next to my skin and washing with my usual emollient. I had no irritiation anywhere else on my body. Just the unbearable tearing itch. A woman can’t spend the rest of her life in a warm bath trying to soothe the pain can she? What was I to do?

I was so uncomfortable and not sleeping and getting beside myself with the itch. It’s not an itch you can politely deal with in public!

When I finally sneezed into the offending bog roll and detected the whiff which started off a sneezing fest and itchy nose…it dawned on me. That ureka moment. The realisation that there was one thing I was doing over and over again.

The aloe vera and coconut oil was soothing the itch over night but in the morning the itch cycle began again.

Was it… the toilet paper? Using the toilet paper to blow my nose was the moment when it all fell into place. Did this loo roll smell perfumed? What the?

I found some of the cheap recycled unbleached loo paper we normally used and removed the nasty scented paper from the bathroom.

Let’s just say, it was instant relief. I could almost hear the sighs coming from below. No really, the itch was almost totally gone. Just a slight pain from the damage the horrid loo paper had already done.

All is now calm, relaxed and happy down there, well almost.

Aloe vera to soothe and some nice old boring bog standard unscented loo roll and all is nearly back to normal.

Which brand of scented loo roll caused the allergic reaction?

Well, this will have to be reported later. The packaging has been thrown out but I’m sure my detective powers will be able to work out where it came from. I will let you know when I’ve discovered. But I just had to share this because I am a new woman since returning to the usual brand of paper.

But a little google searching reveals that there are quite a few brands making a scented version including Cushelle, Andrex, Tesco and Asda.

I also found loads of forums and references of other people experiencing outer vaginal irritation (there I said the ‘v’ word – wasn’t so bad after all – and 50% of the population has one) from scented toilet paper. It seems to be quite a common problem.

How do they even make the scented toilet paper? How do they get the paper impregnated with fragrance and what ingredients exactly are added?

The motto of the story is – NEVER BUY SCENTED TOILET PAPER.
Stick to simple, recycled, non-bleached, chlorine free varieties and you should remain allery free.

I have to say, loo paper is not a product I’ve been checking ingredient on but I will be from now on…

And don’t get me started on scented tampons and panty liners… buy these at your peril.

Anyone else had a problem with perfumed loo roll? or other such perfumed ladies products?



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11 Responses to Allergic to scented toilet roll – fragrance allergy

  1. Timmy

    Don’t let the name fool you – I’m a woman! I have been moving back to Colombia over the past year or so after living in the US for nearly thirty years. Hadn’t been back even to visit in over fifteen years and that was a very brief visit.

    Much to my surprise I immediately encountered strawberry scented toilet paper, which I also never imagined possible and also wondered – what the heck? What on earth for?? How silly.

    Well, in this country you can’t flush toilet paper. Plumbing is inadequate just about everywhere, and so is the water pressure. Hence, ALL your toilet paper HAS to go into the ubiquitous trash can.

    It was gently explained to me that this is the reason for scented toilet paper – to ameliorate bathroom odors from your trash can! Duh! This gringa lady is really dumb. 🙂

    The stuff has been killing me. I never stayed in either country long enough during my move to put 2+2 together. I just figured this out myself 2-3 days ago and was wondering if anyone else had encountered something like this and found this site – thank you, Ruth!

    I was itching and irritated for over a year. I kept treating myself for yeast infections and it would go away for a while. Now that I’ve been in Colombia for almost two months, it literally burns. I finally figured out the connection when the mere touch of the strawberry scented toilet paper felt like my privates were being wiped with acid.

    I started using half rolls of cheap paper towels that someone bought by mistake (thank goodness!!) that look exactly like toilet paper (like a roll of paper towels cut in half, they come that way) and are so low quality as paper towels that they are soft enough to use as toilet paper. And they are far cheaper than any toilet paper, even the simple recycled ones …

    • Pandi

      I also experienced this. I am American and I live in Colombia as well, coincidentally, and we recently bought a different brand of toilet paper. I was in a hurry and it was the only kind the small store had, so I bought it. We even made a joke once I unwrapped the toilet paper about someone spilling a bottle of cheap cologne on it! I believe I even questioned the need for scented toilet paper as well, saying, “baby, what the hell do people need this for?”. Just one day later I started feeling like I may have gotten a yeast infection. I am very certain that this disruption in the PH of my flower is directly linked to the fragrances in the cheap paper. Never again!

  2. I wonder how many other people are struggling with this toxic loo paper and not knowing what’s causing it? Because we never talk about itching down there do we? So glad you got to the bottom of it. Took me a while too. Vile stuff. Just opened a new pack of sanitary towels too only to discover they are scented. Bin for them. Nothing on the packaging to say that they are. Why? Why? Just wash if you smell, I don’t get why we need to mask smells in this way, esp. loo roll which is just soiled and thrown away… Sending soothing thoughts and hoping you can get a good supply of that stuff. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Audrey Owen

    While staying with some relatives recently, I experienced vaginal burning sensation and severe rectal pain and burning. It took me a couple of days to realise that it was their aloe vera scented toilet paper that was causing it. (They had always had normal, unscented before). After returning home all pain went away. I have also had allergic rashes to wet wipes with aloe vera in.

  4. Janet foreman

    Andrex aloe Vera toilet rolls cause me to have a reaction .

  5. Jenna

    Let me tell you I know the feeling. Ibhave the itch and when I woke up this morning the tip of my nose is raw. And then I looked at the toilet paper it smelled good. Well when I looked at the rolls under the sink . I see it is lavender sent angel soft!! I know this has to be what’s is bothering me so badly.ugh

  6. heather

    I became dry and itchy down below, it was driving me mad keeping me awake at night and stressing me out through the day i had no idea what was causing it as i hadnt changed my washing powlder and only worn cotton underwear . It was a great feeling when the itchyness and dryness had gone relief even. Id had about 3 weeks of ease and things got bad again 2 days ago .only yesterday it dawned on me that it was caused by the toilet rolls I was using I usually buy cheap brands most of the time but if i have extra cash i will buy andrex iv never had a problem before but 2 days ago I started to use the Andrex brand again as the shop had no other paper since using it I have been sore dry and itchy again at which poi t i realsed thatz the paper i was using when this all started around new year is it possible that I have become allergic to the Andrex

  7. Vanessa Glenn

    I sent my seventeen year old to the store to buy toilet paper. They didn’t have the usual kind we use so she just bought the angel soft. Not knowing that crap was sented we used it and that’s when it all started. I’ve been up for three nights itching and all day. Then I noticed a sweet smell in the bathroom and turned out it was the paper. My body couldn’t handle that so I had to get rid of it. Why would Angel soft think this was OK. It’s not healthy.

  8. Nevermind

    I don’t know why they came up with lavender scented tissue ,ugh it irrated me😑

  9. Nevermind
  10. Elizabeth

    I’m allergic to “unscented” toilet paper that had been shelved in the store next to the laundry detergents. It is strongly perfumed, even through 2 thick layers of plastic wrapping.
    Either that, or charmin has started scenting their paper without announcing it.

    Any one else suddenly having problems?

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