I have already been kicked up the bum for complaining…I lost 4.5lbs! :-(

I know that this is a good loss…but considering it is three weeks since my last weigh in, I was a bit disappointed really. I was so good on holiday and resisted so many naughty things that my other half and Mum were eating. My dream that I had – with the 18lb loss – was just that, a dream; but I was expecting 7 or 8lbs.

Hey ho – it is still a good loss and there were so many more hurdles that I overcame on my holiday…the weight loss has to be looked at as a bonus I suppose. I got a bit touchy in group when people kept telling me that they would love a loss like that…yes, Pizza Lady was one of them. I used the dreaded words, “with all due respect”…which means that you aren’t really going to be respectful…and said, “The difference is that I stick to the plan and you don’t; if you did, you would lose that!” It wasn’t very nice I suppose, and I think that it might be her way of offering support – but when she clearly doesn’t follow the plan it can be a little frustrating! ;-)

Also, last years post holiday loss of 12lbs was playing on my mind. As a competitive little madam, I wanted to ‘beat’ that! 4.5lbs is 4.5lbs though…so I will take it and will stop being a stroppy bitch soon. :-)

One lady in group mentioned that when her diabetes medication was reduced, she put weight on for a week or two. Maybe this could be a factor? I absolutely hate blaming medication though, as I think it gives an excuse not to do well…and the medication didn’t stuff scallops down my mouth, did it?! ;-)

I will just get back to eating how I do at home – four Green days and three Original days – and will see how I go. Oh – that was another thing that peed me off though…Original days usually produce great weight losses, and having had nearly three weeks of the buggers, I had high hopes. I guess you can never get too cocky though!

My lovely consultant told me to step on the scales and not look – as I had warned her that they might take flight through the window – and as I got on she said, “Oooh, that’s disappointing!”…so I knew it wasn’t great news! I was bang on 27st – and we had both hoped that I would be down in the 26′s…but last year I was in the 39′s…so I am not doing bad really…I just need to stop being so bloody stupid. My other half has just told me not to be a dick…so I might just listen to him on this occasion. :-)

After group I headed off to the gym…and joined! I snuck in first to watch an aquafit class as I wanted to make sure that I could do it, and I know that I can. So both my other half and I joined. We now just have to go!

Tomorrow is the first day of uni – eek! My bag is packed and my lunch is prepared – lunch was sorted before my bag was! ;-) I will be holding my head up high tomorrow and getting back out into the world of education…bring it on.

That’s is really…I am heading off for a webinar on weight loss – so will catch up tomorrow once I am back from student-land!

Breakfast: Banana.

20131015-185501.jpgLunch: Noodles with roasted chilli marrow and peppers.

20131015-185550.jpgDinner: Burgers and chips (4 syns).

20131015-200947.jpgSnacks: French Fries (24 syns).

20131015-200913.jpgA good day on plan – but a silly method of eating! I had my banana early morning, but didn’t get anything else until gone 5pm – bloody stupid for a diabetic! So I have given myself a kick to try and stop doing this…I need to eat at regular intervals. This way of eating meant that I ended up cramming all of my food in this evening…and feel like a whale as a result – so bloated! My lunch was good though – I had the leftover marrow and peppers with a packet of low fat Supernoodles…so quick, yet tasty. Burgers for dinner – again, quick and tasty. And of course the obligatory Tuesday crisps. Funnily enough, I only had one packet on holiday and didn’t miss them – maybe that was my missing ingredient! ;-)

Exercise: A bit of mooching around the gym…more watching than doing.

Thank you for reading my ‘ungrateful cow’ post,

Weight Loss Bitch xxx


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