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Yesterday (October 22), at the House of Commons, we had the Parliamentary Launch for November’s Mouth Cancer Action Month – and what a delightful event it turned out to be!

Taking place in the Members’ Dining Room, we had a fantastic turnout, welcoming more than 150 leading figures from the world of dentistry and health, as well as many political figures, policy-makers and journalists.

Following the official opening by the Rt. Hon. Sir Paul Beresford MP, and a welcome from President of the British Dental Health Foundation, John Siebert, we had a variety of absorbing speeches, certainly opening up my eyes, to the impact which mouth cancer continues to have on people’s lives.

Mother of five, Rachel Parsons, who was diagnosed on Boxing Day 2007, spoke to the room about her experiences, as did her husband Tim, who gave a heart-warming account of what living mouth cancer does, not just to the patient, but the whole family too.

The keynote speech, from Professor Margaret Stanley OBE, from the Department of Pathology at University of Cambridge, gave a captivating insight into the emergence of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), its dangers and why we should be introducing a vaccination programme for boys.

“Men face a significant and rising risk of HPV-associated disease, and without vaccination men remain at risk. It is not fair, ethical or socially responsible to have a public health policy that leaves half of the population vulnerable to infection. This is why vaccinating men should begin immediately.”

Professor Margaret Stanley OBE

A big thank you to Senior Dental Advisor at Denplan, Dr Catherine Rutland, Sarah Bradbury of Dentist’s Provident, and David Worskett, Chairman of the Association of Dental Groups, who also took the time to speak about the campaign, it’s growing importance in raising awareness of mouth cancer, as well as the necessity of early detection.

A huge thank you to all those in attendance, who made the event so special. If you visit the campaign website, we have uploaded all the all the photographs to our Image Gallery, for everybody to have a look through. Please see below, just a small sample of those taken yesterday…

Best wishes


The Rt Hon sir Paul Beresford opens the speeches

Above: The Rt Hon sir Paul Beresford opens the speeches

Cheif Executive of British Dental Health Foundation - Dr Nigel Carter OBE

Above: Cheif Executive of British Dental Health Foundation – Dr Nigel Carter OBE

Dr Catherine Rutland

Above: Dr Catherine Rutland, Senior Dental Advisor, Denplan Limited

Sarah Bradbury, Head of Marketing and Communications, Dentists' Provident

 Above: Sarah Bradbury, Head of Marketing and Communications, Dentists’ Provident

David Worskett, Chairman, ADG

Above: David Worskett, Chairman, Association of Dental Groups

Tim Parsons telling his story

Above: Tim Parsons telling his story

Rachel Parsons telling her story

Above: Rachel Parsons telling her story

Professor Margaret Stanley delivers her speech

 Above: Professor Margaret Stanley delivers her speech


Above: Plenty to talk about at this year’s reception

The speeches prompted plenty of discussion among those present

 Above: The speeches prompted plenty of discussion among those present


British Dental Health Foundation

The British Dental Health Foundation is an independent charity that along with our global arm, the International Dental Health Foundation, is dedicated to improving the oral health of the public by providing free and impartial dental advice, by running educational campaigns and by informing and influencing the public, profession and government on issues such as mouth cancer awareness and fluoridation.

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