The holiday bloody blues have arrived! My dog looks depressed, my other half won’t utter more than a couple of words at a time, and I have started to surround myself with my holiday swag to cheer me up! ;-)


It was bound to happen – coming from somewhere so beautiful, to somewhere not quite so beautiful…nowhere fecking near as beautiful actually.

The journey home was okay – apart from having to have a pitstop (peestop!) for my Mum…yes, she needed to wee in public again! ;-) I didn’t get a picture this time as I was pretty moody and just wanted to get home. I wish that you could click your fingers and just be back home…a long journey on the motorway network just rubs salt in the wounds after a great holiday!

It took us just over seven hours to get back, with pretty clear traffic and not too many middle lane hoggers! ;-) The difference in the land is amazing…so flat when we have been surrounded by gorgeous hills…my view now is of a street lamp and the back of the house on the corner…not a stag in sight, although I bet a drunken stag party might walk past at some point!

Gosh – I am depressing myself, so goodness knows what you must think…I am going to finish up soon, I promise.

As soon as we got back we went to see my niece and nephew – and my sister and brother in law. When my nephew saw me, he was jumping up and down in the window, and as I walked through the door my niece told me that she had made me a present…

20131012-184846.jpgShe is so funny and beautiful! She sat and watched the videos of me walking up my hill and said how tired I looked, but that it was good that I did it…and I think she wants to hide in my suitcase for definite next time! :-)

I am pretty tired now – so I will love you and leave you with the usuals…and normal-ish service shall resume tomorrow! :-)

Breakfast: Salmon, spinach, mushrooms, scrambled egg and wholemeal rolls (2 x HEB).

20131012-184021.jpgLunch: Tikka chicken, pepper, cherry tomatoes and Babybel lights (2 x HEA).

20131012-184112.jpgDinner: Chicken breast and lamb pieces – grilled, with salad.

20131012-201733.jpgA good food day – all on plan! Brekkie was eaten rather early…and didn’t sit well really. Lunch was prepared and taken with me for the journey home – tikka slices with some salad bits and cheese. Dinner was ordered in…the local kebab house will grill kebab meat if you ask, so I did! I ditched the pitta bread and sauces though and just had the meat and salad so it was syn free – and it was rather bloody nice! :-)

Exercise: Zero – I sat on my bum for over seven hours driving home! :-(

Thank you for reading…and stick with me…see me through my holiday blues! ;-)

Weight Loss Bitch xxx


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