This is a true story which had me rolling on the floor laughing.

One of my clients is based in Hemel and I love going into the office. They are really good at understanding that I have allergies and there is always lots of herbal tea available for me. They always take care when making my dairy free drink and it’s just a small thing, but it makes going there fun and me feel more like one of the team.

One day the new boy, Keiran asked me if I wanted a cuppa. He’s not so new now and he’s not really boy either, but at the time he hadn’t had the full ‘Ruth’s allergies’ induction.

He was making me a Redbush tea and shouted over, I know you don’t take milk, but do you want the bag in or out? And he was standing there, teaspoon poised, ready to hoik it out should I require a bag-free beverage.

Olivia, who had a plain view of all this, shouted out, ‘Don’t use that teaspoon…’

Kieran froze, teaspoon in mid-air… a look of panic on his face.
“No I didn’t use the teaspoon…I didn’t use it.” and my tea was delivered avec teabag and a slightly quizzical look.

I enjoyed my tea, thanked Kieran and thought nothing more of it.
“Later on he said to me, so what is it in teaspoons that you’re allergic to?”

Bless him, he had me in stitches, laughing out loud (takes a lot to make me LOL). I had to then explain that it was just a cross contamination issue and that I was indeed able to use teaspoons. I wasn’t actually allergic to teaspoons.

So thank you to Olivia and Kieran for taking time to ask questions and understand my allergies.
There is NEVER a stupid question when it comes to allergies, at least that’s what I think. If you’re not sure, ask. Always ask, even if you think it’s a daft question because you can bet someone else wanted to ask it too and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

And thank you Kieran especially for making me laugh. Brilliant!

You couldn’t make it up and you have to see the funny side of living with allergies.

This made my day, my week and now it’s made me a blog post.


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