Goodness me – my ‘grrr!’ side was difficult to repress today…what is it with some people?! :-)

There I was on the elliptical machine next to the window, a whole row of empty machines stretching off to my right…and some numpty has to come and use the one right next to me! Why? I am a fat girl, I sweat. Put this fat girl on an elliptical machine and I sweat lots and lots. Is there a need to be right next to me? I wondered if it was because I was going fairly slowly – compared to the whizz who jumped on next to me anyway…I am sure it is a competitive thing; making yourself look better by standing next to me.

She was a screen-glancer too. One of those annoying people who keep sneaking glances at your machine screen to see how much you have done. Have you been on it longer? Are you going faster? Or higher? It gave me a little warm glow to see her intake of breath when she saw my calorie read-out once I had finished…I wonder if she contemplated putting on weight just to get a higher calorie burn?! ;-)

There was also a great hulk of a Polish chap who had a questionable technique when it came to weight lifting – his style looked painful. He also had a very questionable weight machine hogging technique too. He would do a few lat pull downs and as he had the weight stacked so high, he would get up, pace around right in front of the machine, stretch out, and then get right back on the machine again…he did this for over 30 minutes. I tried to politely catch his eye. In the end I just said, “I need to use this, so can you finish up soon please.” I am normally quite patient, as I like to lift slowly and steadily rather than letting the momentum of the weight do the work, but he just took the proverbial! :-)

Then there was the grunting lady. I used to work out with a lovely Russian lady who wore weight lifting gloves – I thought she was hardcore. She used to grunt like a couple of wild boars doing the dirty! She was excellent though and we used to help each other out. Today I met two new grunters. A huge great guy – the most massive arms ever – and he was lifting the whole stack and grunting and shouting for Britian! And then there was a lady with the most amazing figure – I can forgive a bit of grunting when she clearly puts in a hell of a lot of effort. I am a weight lifting gurner…but I have yet to grunt!

I get very bothered by people who have the treadmill on an incline, but who then cling on with straight arms and lean back at an alarming angle. My old personal trainer used to hate this and she was the one who made me start noticing it. She would say that the whole point of treadmill hill work is to carry your own body weight. So if the treadmill were to disappear, you should be able to stay on your feet…if you are leaning back at a 45 degree angle then your ass is on the floor! A treadmill clinger got on in front of me and I had a hard time not boring holes in her back…I was willing her to use her ass cheeks and thighs for support instead of the handles.

Worst of all I think are the sit, sweat and slide people. The ones who just sweat all over the machines and never bother to wipe it down afterwards. They just slide off the machine and on to the next one, leaving a slug-like trail of sweat in their wake. It is not good at all…especially when you really need the machine they have just come off. I take a towel in with me, to mop my brow and to wipe off any sweat patches. I developed a great technique at my old gym for those damp-crotch sweat marks. I would get up and then rest my knee on the seat area…and then casually use it to mop up the offending moistness! Haha…I hate the word ‘moist’! ;-)

Anyway, I won’t ramble on. I am absolutely loving being back in the gym – it feels like home. I love it that all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities are in there too. It is great. I even smile and say hello to the sweat’n’slides, the grunters, the clingers, and the screen-glancers…after all, no body is perfect, least of all me. I am just thrilled to be able to be there…so they can all do what the hell they like as long as they leave me to it.

Today has been good. Some work this morning, then the gym, Asda, the horses, saw my Mum and sister, then prepared dinner before heading off to the pool for an evening swim. No plans tomorrow and a couple of rest days to look forward to…bliss!

Breakfast: Banana porridge (5 syns).

20131108-180745.jpgLunch: Quorn sausage cheese melts with fried onion, mushroom, spinach and cherry tomatoes (2 x HEA and 2 x HEB).

20131108-180835.jpgDinner: Spicy meatball and bean orzo stew.

20131108-210659.jpgSnacks: HiFi bar (6 syns), rice cakes (3 syns), polenta (1 syn), physalis, and fruit salad.

20131108-181042.jpgHmmm…some new food items were tried today. One I was very keen on – the syn free sausages that Quorn do are lush…although you can only buy them at Sainsbury’s which is a pain! They tasted great though – so I will be buying them again. Physalis and polenta though I can live without. The former looks sweet and lovely but tastes a bit like citrus fruit skin! The latter doesn’t really taste of much and I can think of other foods that I would prefer. Brekkie was the usual, and nice and filling. Lunch was the Quorn sausages with cheese in my wholemeal rolls, accompanied by fried onion, mushroom, tomatoes and spinach…lush! Dinner was put in the over before we went swimming – so we returned home to a gorgeous-smelling house. It had the Quorn meatballs in, tomato purée, tinned tomatoes, garlic, chilli flakes, smoked paprika, Cajun seasoning, peppers, onion, spinach, mushrooms, green beans, orzo, butterbeans…and I think that was it – it was one of those ‘throw it all in’ dinners.

Exercise: 30 minutes elliptical machine, 40 minutes weights, and then an evening swim for an hour.

A great day in the gym! It’s early days yet, but I feel so alive and happy with the fact that I can use my body more now.

Thank you for reading,

Weight Loss Bitch xxx


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