Just a quick blog post today to say, it’s getting better. It’s slowly getting easier.

Today I have had stewed apples with some porridge, chia seeds and pumpkin and sunflower seeds added, made with oat milk. No picture of this because I can never seem to take a photo of porridge that doesn’t look like a bowl of sloppy gruel :o )

For lunch, a delicious oven baked jacket potato with more of the delicious home-made humous, lots of raw salad veggies, drizzle of olive oil, nori flakes and more seeds sprinkled. I made the humous with turmeric and nori flakes added this time – very very yummy.

Jacket potato, humous (with turmeric), raw salad, nori flakes and sprinkled seeds

Jacket potato, humous, raw salad, nori flakes and sprinkled seeds

And for afters just a simple fruit salad, made just a bit more interesting than eating a plain piece of fruit.

Pear with ginger pieces and sprinkled sunflower and pumkin seeds

Pear with ginger pieces, sunflower, pumpkin seeds and goji berries

I haven’t craved any snacks, had a couple of herbal teas and a black coffee with a lovely old lady in my village who I visit once a week for Age UK.

Despite the dull grey cloudy sky my mood has been lifting and lifting. Perhaps the gentle stroll in the slowly drifting autumn leaves and the tingling fingers from forgetting my gloves. Made me feel alive. I am itching less. The prurigo has been a little testing but not nearly as itchy as it was over the weekend.

Not worried about tea tonight. I know I’ll think of something. There are frozen portions of chilli (home-made) and lentil soup (home-made) in the freezer and some steak in the fridge. Now decisions, decisions.


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