“Opportunity follows struggle. It follows effort. It follows hard work, it doesn’t come before”- Anon.

This evening’s quote is a one that has struck a cord with me tonight. It’s a quote that has made me see that the past twenty years have been an uphill struggle however one that I’m learning to cope with.

Today I was given the opportunity to write for TalkHealth whom myself follow for general guidance.

Today I felt like I was accepted into the Epilepsy community whom I had a connection with. It was like I was finally accepted and appreciative of this acceptance.

It’s safe to say that I couldn’t be more proud of this website nor could I be any prouder of the Epilepsy community I have had the privilege to communicate with. that deserve my thanks and gratitude for bringing me into their lives and for giving me the opportunity to advocate this cause.

This month is Epilepsy Awareness month in which myself along with 65 million others have the opportunity to celebrate the condition we hold dear. What people don’t realise is that although 65 million suffer in fact the families, friends and loved ones who are associated with this condition suffer also.

Struggle is a negative word in which many associate struggle with failing.

As a youngster I was told from a relative that if someone never struggled then they never lived their fully because when you’re struggling you appreciate the stronger days like never before.

You realise that life is for living and that there’s more to life than upset and upheaval. Unfortunately we don’t always have that positive perspective on what we perceive life to be however we make do and try our utmost to have that sense of normality.

It’s at times like these where we appreciate the struggle and understand that somewhere across the world someone is coping with the same worries we have, the same issues that we have to address daily to ourselves and the notion that one day there will hopefully be that cure to end this panic Epilepsy can bring.

In January 2013 after careful deliberation I decided that I would address my issues, my pitfalls and my thought process where the word Epilepsy is involved through a blog that I created called Sazzle’s blog.

I combined my worries with my life in general to give you all an insight that we all have “those days” where there’s not enough hours in the day or when you’re pride has had a bit of a bashing.

Upon writing Sazzle’s blog I decided that instead of using medical jargon and terminology that on occasion I couldn’t even understand that I would express my thoughts on such a strong subject in my own words. These words would be the catalyst to provide you with an insight on how Epilepsy has effected not only me but the people around me over the past 20 years.

Sazzle’s blog was created to enable me to open doors to see if anyone could associate with my thought process and whether together we would be able to get the answers we have longed for during our journey.

The blog was also a collection of my the support network around me, my family’s views on Epilepsy as a whole and the struggles we’ve had as a family unit to create some solidarity between family time and my epileptic episodes.

Initially I thought to myself that this blog would only pose relevance to my life not considering for one second that at that time other people would have the same concerns as me however as time’s passed by this couldn’t be any farther from the truth.

To me Epilepsy isn’t just about medication taking and seizures to me Epilepsy is something far greater than that. In my case Epilepsy is something that has been on my mind from the moment I wake up for work each morning to the last thought before bed.

From the age of 8 I have felt like on occasion that I’ve been to hell and back. My seizures made an appearance, vanished at 14, returned at 18 and have remained dormant since I was 24. For 4 and a half years although the seizures have not caused the commotion I’d envisaged Epilepsy still plays a major role on my day to day life.

The worries I’ve endured throughout the years is something that to me is uncontrollable. Unlike many Epilepsy sufferers who have an aura, a vision whatever you wish to call it I have absolutely nothing before I have an attack.

To me it’s the fear of the unknown that has made the acceptance of my condition far greater however after anxious moments, shaking episodes (that I will mention in later blog posts) and numerous counselling sessions over the years are now in a position to give the support to others that I wanted so desperately to give myself.

Epilepsy is a condition that you and I both know is hard work and can mean business. It’s a condition that we try to erase however question the ability to accept it. For those who have read my blog from the beginning will know that my neurologist said upon diagnosis that “Saz may not grow out of her Epilepsy however will grow into her life” and you know what those words have remained in my mind since that very day.

To conclude today’s post. First and foremost thank you for reading my first article. Although you may feel like I’m not directly walking in your shoes right now I can associate with the worries you may have and the questions you want answering. Life can be difficult at the best of times let alone throwing your condition into the fold.

As I’ve said to my followers in the past. You’re never alone. The past is gone, the present is now and the future is yet to be written therefore live for you, put your health first and address the issue. You never know someone may be going through the same as you.



Overcoming worry, anxiety and learning to cope with epilepsy. I dedicate this blog to my family and to all those people out there who thought the possible was impossible. Life isn’t about doing everything yesterday it’s about finding acceptance and taking your time. This blog has been created to document my findings and to allow others to understand that they are not alone. I have tried my best to collate these concerns for others to read should they wish. The intention is to not only address my concerns of my condition however I also intend to address my daily struggles whilst giving an insight as to what my days entail.

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