One of our patients Daniel from Bournemouth was very worried about HIV.

He thought he may have caught it after having unprotected sex.

He worried about it for a whole year. We were able to perform an instant test, and he got the all clear in 10 minutes. ….” I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner.”

If you are worried that you may have put yourself at risk of becoming infected then we do urge you to get tested.

Instant HIV test

If the exposure was more than 90 days ago you can take anInstant HIV test which will give you results in just 2 minutes, cutting out the need for further worrying and waiting.

2 day test results

If the exposure was less than 90 days ago but more than 28 days ago you can take our HIV Antibody & p24 Antigen test which is 99.8% accurate.

This test is suitable for those people who believe they may have been exposed to the virus more than 28 days ago. This involves a simple blood test by one of our fully qualified, registered and insured GP’s. Results are usually available within 2 days.

We can see patients for HIV tests at our clinic in Emsworth, Hampshire. We can also see patients and provide HIV tests at our London clinic at 10 Harley Street.


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